Municipality in Veracruz Helps Trans People Change Their Identity (Veracruz, Mexico)

Editor's note: This piece of legislation comes at a critical moment when trans people are being physically injured, beaten and killed at an alarming rate in Mexico. As a country, it has the second most transgender murders in the world behind Brazil.  Over 200 transgender people have been killed in the last 3 years, mainly women. Just in the month of July of this year there were 7 trans women murdered in Mexico.  This note is a translation from Desastre MX and the original article can be found here.  Photos from Golpe Político.

Due to the lack of legislation recognizing gender identity for trans people in Mexico, people who want to access this process are forced to travel to other cities or states which usually means hiring expensive legal services and difficult to access. Mexico City and Michoacán are the only entities in Mexico that allow a gender identity change on official documents.

Therefore Bogar Ruiz Rosas, Mayor of Alvarado, Veracruz, implemented a strategy that seeks to provide support for the transgender population so that all people interested can now file to change their gender identity.

Ruiz Rosas handed out corrected birth certificates that recognize a group of transsexual women. The official event was held at City Hall and seeks to send a message to other government administrations in the state to support people of diverse sexual and gender identities in the absence of legislation at the state level. Ruiz Rosas took advantage of the moment to urge the legislators of Veracruz to work on recognizing LGBT rights, saying that this population lacks legal protection that allows them to live a dignified life, one free of discrimination and violence.

“Today I call on the next local government to debate and legislate on LGBT issues, I invite you not to be afraid and hope you are not ignored like we were by local deputies,” the mayor explained during the ceremony. He assured that his administration is working for the LGBT population and it’s a relationship based on respect and friendship.

Huma Ochoa, a transgender woman and activist working with the LGBT community, spoke on behalf of the community and thanked the current administration for the support they have received on this initiative, especially from Mayor Alvarado, who has been receptive to the demands of transgender women.

Information from Al Calor Político. Image taken by Golpe Político.