(Valdivia, Chile) Communiqué of the Mapuche Political Prisoners in the Valdivia Prison


As political prisoners sent to the high security prison of Valdivia, we send our greetings to the Mapuche people in resistance, and we appreciate the support and solidarity from the Chilean, Mapuche and international peoples.

In light of the undue process and state persecution against the Mapuche people through the “Anti-terror Law”, we understand that our position as political prisoners is due to the lack of capacity to resolve the legitimate historical demands of our people.

The clumsy procedure of “Operation Hurricane”, orchestrated by the National Intelligence Agency (ANI), was the response from a weak and servile state of capitalist powers, and of electoral interests.

Therefore, we, Martin Curiche Curiqueo and Fidel Tranamil Nahuel, join the hunger strike that is be carried on by the Mapuche of the “churches” case, until their demands are met, as well as until we are transferred to the Temuco prison.

No to the application of the Antiterrorist Law

For due judicial process

For our transfer to the prison of Temuco


Martin Curiche Curiqueo

Fidel Tranamil Nahuel

Translated from the original here: http://www.mapuexpress.org/?p=20772