Urgent Communiqué of the Fisherman and People in General of San Francisco del Mar


Organized and independent fisherman, merchants, professionals and the people in general of San Francisco del Mar, in the region of Istmo de Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, regret the events that occurred today during the assembly of communal property. We met to discuss the approval of wind projects in Bocabarra disguised as productive projects for the community of San Francisco Pueblo Viejo.

As Indigenous people, we exercise in a pacific manner our right to be informed by our municipal and communal authorities regarding the investment projects that they intend to approve in the zone denominated Boca Barra. This zone includes an area of more than 15,000 hectares that is of great importance as a fishing zone—the principal activity of the community and their principal source of income. We consider any project here will affect our mode of community life, our right to food, as well as our right to be consulted without deception.

These projects have sought approval through deception, complicating the agency of Pueblo Viejo. For this reason, today we decided to organize this assembly in a pacific manner. We wait patiently for the point that interested us—related to the approval of projects in the Boca Barra—because we know their approval will mean our denial of the right to the common use of this area.

During the development of the assembly, various community members expressed their opinion that this area should not be ceded because of its importance for the collective life of the people and because of the consensus of speakers that reject these types of projects that do not benefit the whole community. Some people of Pueblo Viejo began to distort the assembly, which gave rise to regrettable events.

We reject violence and we denounce politicians like María Luisa Matus, Samuel Gurrión Matías and the state government. They have attempted to create a climate of violence to militarize our fishing zone and our territory. We name responsible the supposed commissioner of communal property, professor Cayetano Martínez, and the municipal president, Professor Froilán Gaspar Pedro, for the events that have occurred.

We will defend out territory and our mode of life. We will not permit the implementation of wind investment projects in our territory. We call out to the organizations and collectives to be in solidarity with our struggle.


The Organized and Independent Fisherman of San Francisco del Mar

Translated from the original here: http://denunciaoaxaca.org/comunicado-urgente-los-pescadores-pueblo-general-san-francisco-del-mar/


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