Urgent: Call for Letters to the Courthouse Demanding Freedom for Political Prisoner Miguel Peralta of Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón, Oaxaca


(Editor’s Note: letters can be written in Spanish or English).

Statement for the Freedom of Miguel Peralta, Political Prisoner of Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón, Oaxaca

After three years and two months of imprisonment of compañero Miguel Peralta, on July 9th, 2018, the collective Los Otros Abogadoz submitted their conclusions of his innocence to the Mixed District Court of Huautla de Jiménez, Oaxaca. There, they again demonstrated the multiple irregularities that have made up this judicial process keeping Miguel imprisoned.

After two of the eight witnesses of the Zepeda Cortés family did not show up to give their testimonies, in spite of being solicited for more than two years, on December 14th, 2017, this stage of the case was asked to be closed, concluding the collection of evidence. In agreement with the Code of Criminal Procedure of the state of Oaxaca, this stage prior to sentencing should not last longer than a week. However, it took the court clerk, Jesús Reynaldo Canseco, more than six months to formally close the case. This is just another example that justice is neither prompt nor expedient. Furthermore, this is a clear sign that this court led by Judge Juan León Montiel, court clerk Jesús Reynaldo Canseco and public prosecutor Porfirio Bernardino Sánchez, serves a cacique family, who maintain political control beyond the municipality of Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón, Oaxaca.

As for the final hearing, it is Judge Juan León Montiel that has the decision in his hands to release the compañero Miguel. Thus, it is crucial that we demand he not be kept imprisoned, because outside of the political nature of this case, there is not one juridical reason to keep Miguel and the other seven prisoners of Eloxochitlán imprisoned.

Therefore, we call on you all to write letters demanding the judge that the sentence not be delayed, and that of course, the ruling be freedom. We ask you to send the letters to the email solidaridadelox@gmail.com so that they can be submitted to the court before the final hearing, a date in which the judge will end the process and start the sentencing stage.

Furthermore, we ask that you remain attentive to the situation and in your capabilities continue demanding the freedom of Miguel and the other prisoners of Eloxochitlán.

Let solidarity not just be a written word.

Down with the prison walls!

Family members and friends of the prisoners of Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón.

Los Otros Abogadoz.

July 11th, 2018