The Revolution in the Philippines


The latest cable transfer news announced that the Filipino people are preparing to shake off the yoke of the United States. The news added that the Filipino revolutionaries have the assistance of Japan to obtain guns and ammunition of war and that the general in charge of the American forces in the Philippines, Thomas H. Barry, has asked Washington for reinforcement.

According to the cable transfer news, Japan is inciting the Filipinos to armed revolt, and that the same is being carried out in the Hawaiian Islands, taking advantage of the United States commitment to war with Mexico.

The skein gets further tangled every day. The Mexican revolution, we believe, will lead to a series of international disputes, disruptions in all countries, disruptions that the dispossessed of other areas can take advantage of to shake off the capitalist and authoritarian yoke.

The times demand action. The workers unions and anarchist groups across the globe should organize for the armed struggle instead of settling on the preaching of sabotage, boycott, and the general strike. Preach doctrine, but at the same time help the workers understand that a world crisis is close and it is essential to be prepared.

The latest failure of the Italian revolution was due to the fact that the workers were not prepared for armed struggle. Let’s confess: there is much pacifism amongst the workers. If in place of preaching sabotage, boycott, and the general strike of the Italian workers, if they had preached insurrection and expropriation of the social wealth, the revolution in Italy that died from anemia a few weeks ago would burn with pride in these moments.

Less academic dissertations and more action, revolutionary comrades across the globe.

Ricardo Flores Magón

Regeneración Number 195

July 11, 1914


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