The Death of “Sagitario”


Dated August 22, a letter was delivered to the offices of Sagitario, written in a dictatorial manner, telling us from that date forward we were prohibited from circulating our paper through the post-office.

We have received this recent letter without the least bit of surprise, because we know well that this act of savagery is just one of the many blows of the authoritarian beast. It is the insatiable desire for revenge against our unyielding tenacity and undeniable good faith in the redeeming struggle that we have sustained for thirty years.

In spite of all of the natural dispositions of the brutal dictator, nothing will intimidate us. Nobody and nothing will make us yield from our intentions to put all of our force, and dedicate all our unbreakable energies as old fighters, to the establishment of a just and human life, more so than the present one submitted to the law and the arbitrary will of the strongest.

During the same time Sacco and Vanzetti were assassinated in Boston—two propagandistic martyrs of the highest ideal of justice—Villa Cecilia was assassinated—the irreplaceable spokesman of the anarchist voice in Mexico, defender of the interests of all of the exploited and oppressed of the world.

With the death of Sagitario, the intention is to eradicate all means of our defense, to prohibit us from saying the truth against the tyrants, hypocrites, and evil.

We are being pursued and incarcerated in dungeons to “restore us”, that is to say, to mold our brains and our thoughts to the mode of thinking of the minions and the ass-kissing servants that acclaim the crimes of our own executioners, in place of throwing a blow into the face of these human beasts.

And as if the death of our page of combat isn’t enough, the government of Calles has now deployed an army of bloodhounds in search of the whereabouts of the director of Sagitario, as well as of all of the members of the Red Brothers group. The intention of all of these acts of terror is to destroy our emancipatory labor when in reality the contrary is done. With the persecution, the courage is ignited of the strong spirits expanding the work in a more active manner.

It is our intention to continue forward, although we know that in our pathway we will stumble upon death.

Sagitario dies, but from its ashes will arise sprouts that immortalize its generous ideals, until a social state without gods and masters is established.

From the Argentine journal, La Antorcha, October 11th, 1927

Librado Rivera


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