Struggle Against Golf Course Continues (Tepoztlán, Morelos)

The emblematic victory achieved by the Indigenous community of Tepoztlán against the golf club (1994-1995), is in danger. On Wednesday, September 19th, the Supreme Court of the Nation will decide on the case, whether to restore the 280 hectares that have been in legal dispute for 19 years, to the agrarian community of Tepoztlán or to give the lands to private companies (“Pramide y Convento S.A. de C.V.”, legally represented by José Zorrilla Ducloux). The principal consequence of this decision is whether the lands will remain communal property or become private property.

The Supreme Court Justice Eduardo Medina Mora, responsible for the repression in Atenco, who will decide the case, has expressed his interest in protecting the company “Pramide y Convento S.A. de C.V.,” as property owner of the 280 hectares and to ignore the agrarian community of Tepoztlán as legitimate owner of the communal lands, as Indigenous people.

In response, we urge all the people that participated in this struggle, to the present generations of Tepoztlán and the society in general, to accompany us Wednesday at the Supreme Court of the Nation in Mexico City, at 10:00 am, to demand the restitution of the lands that by right belong to the community of Tepoztlán!!