Statement from the Voices in Movement Collective in Solidarity with Ké Huelga Radio


As an autonomous media collective, and fellow travelers of the Medios Libres movement, we at Voices in Movement want to express our solidarity with the compañerxs at Ké Huelga Radio. For nearly twenty years, Ké Huelga Radio has brought resistance and rebellion to the FM airwaves, rupturing attempts at information control by governments and big capital. Like so many dignified movements throughout the world, Ké Huelga Radio has engaged in an ongoing war to recuperate territory,in this case the territory of the FM airwaves. This war has intensified in recent months with the interference of their FM signal and the IFT’s clear support for media conglomerates against self-organized and self-produced media.As one of the last remaining free radio stations in Mexico City, we understand the importance of their rebellious FM signal, and we pass a hug of solidarity to our compañerxs at Ké Huelga Radio.

Like Frantz Fanon so clearly taught us in the case of the anti-colonial radio, The Voice of Fighting Algeria, the struggle for free and revolutionary radio does not solely take place at the space of production, but also at the space of reception. We too, as listeners of Ké Huelga, can engage in this struggle, by moving our antennas and tweaking our dials so the voice of resistance reaches our ears. We call on all those interested and dedicated to free media to engage in this struggle, to defy attempts to silence the voice of Ké Huelga Radio, and to tune in whatever way possible. Furthermore, we solicit those who believe in the necessity of autonomous media to carry out acts of denunciation in whatever manner you see fit.

Free the airwaves! Let us be the brick that shatters information control.

In solidarity,

Voices in Movement