Statement From Mapuche Political Prisoners (Temuco, Chile)

This communiqué comes from the Mapuche political prisoners in the Temuco prison in Chile. It convokes a Mapuche ceremony to be carried out in front of the prison on January 9th in response to the Chilean Gendarmerie and Ministry of Justice denying the right of the Mapuche prisoners to freely exercise their spirituality from inside prison. The original in Spanish was published by Publicación Refractario and can be found here.

We, the Mapuche political prisoners in Temuco, communicate the following to our people and to the community in general:

  1. Kiñe: We denounce the Chilean Gendarmerie and the Ministry of Justice for the systematic negation of the right to exercise our spirituality from inside the Temuco prison. Authorization to carry out a massive visit of cultural character, which was organized for January 9th of this year, has been denied.
  2. Epu: In spite of all the requirements and regulatory procedures established by the same Gendarmerie institution to process the authorization, it has been denied violating the right to exercise our spirituality from our own culture and cosmovision.
  3. Kula: We call on our people to gather and carry out a Nguellipun (Mapuche ceremony) outside of the Temuco prison on January 9th, with the purpose of expressing our culture and strengthening our spirituality.
  4. Meli: We communicate to our people that in a short period of time we will give information regarding mobilizations that we will initiate to mark the struggle in defense of our political-cultural rights. Therefore, we call on you all to be attentive to the information that we will soon share.

Mapuche Political Prisoners, Temuco Prison

Facundo Jones Huala

Alberto Curamil

Daniel Canio

Alvaro Millalen

Jose Caceres

Jorge Cayupan

January 9th, 2019 Wallmapuche