Statement from Ana María Castillo Rivas, Mother of Anarchist Political Prisoner, Fernando Bárcenas


It is evident that authority is committed to maintaining a dynamic of oppression and that it is also the same method they use to contain the rage of the youth, who today more than ever, are taking notice of the injustices of a corrupt system.

They have kept young people imprisoned who live consistent with their ideas, those whom are taking to the streets to demand, and to say, enough already!  One of these young people is Luis Fernando Barcenas Castillo, who was detained December 13th, 2013, during a protest against the rise in metro ticket prices.  He has been accused of setting fire to a Coca Cola christmas tree, and sentenced to six years of prison for the crimes of attack on public peace and criminal association.  Of the six years, he has already spent four imprisoned, being punished as a consequence of his ideas and thoughts.  Not only that, but still behind bars, the authorities have obstructed the judicial resources that have been filed with the intention to keep him in prison as long as possible.  

As the mother of Fernando, I have struggled for his freedom in the company of people that have supported me, even against his ideas, as was the case of soliciting the benefit of early release.  When promoting this resource, Dr. Manuel Granados Covarrubias, head of the judicial council and legal services of the government of Mexico CIty, before families of the detained, promised not to intervene before his release.  But he has only deceived us.  Contrary to his word, they changed the document of the requested petition of benefit of pre-release treatment for the benefit of anticipated release.  This is significant as the first requires a prisoner to serve out 50% of the sentence, which at the date he had done, and the second requires a prisoner to have served out 75% of the sentence.  The justification was that the resource was inadmissible for him not having fulfilled the stipulated condition.  With that, they fulfilled their intention of continually denying him of his freedom, until their political deals are fulfilled.  

I wish to make this information public, because I cannot ignore all the arbitrariness.