Section 22 of the CNTE Condemns the Assassination of Oaxacan Professor


Section 22 condemns the assassination of our comrade.

We demand justice!

To the public opinion

Oaxaca, Oaxaca

Section 22 of the national coordination of education workers (CNTE) condemns the cowardly assassination of our comrade Antonio Santiago González, whose life was taken on the federal highway Alfonso Pérez Gasga.

The Democratic Movement of Education Workers (MDTEO) demands the state government and the state attorney general to immediately clarify the assassination of our compañero and union representative of Putla de Guerrero.

We demand the location be given of those responsible for this cowardly act committed against one of our comrades.

We warn that we will not tolerate more acts like this, due to that in recent years a wave of assassinations has been unleashed against teachers.

This group of teachers will not accept another “filing” of these homicides. We thus reserve the right to act if the local and state authorities do not take action.

We demand justice for our compañero, to whom we remember for his pedagogical and political dedication in favor of our movement.

Comrade, you left with us grand lessons of combative struggle, your death will not go unpunished.

Justice for our comrade Antonio Santiago!

Justice for our fallen compañeros of Nochixtlán!

Complete rejection of the neoliberal reforms!

Immediate freedom to political prisoners!

An end to state terrorism!

An end to the criminalization of social protest!

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