Second Anniversary of Radio Tlanixco: Manantial de libertad


On May 6th, 2018, Radio Tlanixco: Manantial de Libertad, celebrated its second-year anniversary in the community of San Pedro Tlanixco, Mexico State. The event was both a celebration, but also a scream of dignified rage for the freedom of the political prisoners of San Pedro Tlanixco and for an end to the repression against those that defend their water, land, territory and life.

Words delivered May 6th, at the seventh anniversary of Radio Tlanixco, in San Pedro Tlanixco, Estado de Mexico:

Compañeras and Compañeros:

We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for being present on this special day of such great importance for us.

We do not forget that we are amidst a war, where the enemy, the capitalist system, uses different disguises in order to deceive us.

In this war for money, confusion, disorganization and misinformation are the weapons used against us on a daily basis.

Not only do they seek to silence and destroy us with physical repression, but also with racist cooptation and identify theft.  With these tactics, they seek for us give up our struggle for the defense of water, land and territory. They seek for us to forget our compañera and compañeros political prisoners.

In the media and social networks, we have seen the way they write and speak of our community and of the compañer@s prisoners, producing confusion and disinformation using a discourse of human rights.

For those of us who are part of this movement, we do not doubt, and we say very clearly and strongly, our compañera Domingo and our compañeros Rómunlo, Pedro, Lorenzo and Marco Antonio are not guilty nor responsible for what they are being accused.

Our path has not been without mistakes and hiccups, but we have always conducted ourselves ethically beneath the seven principles that guide the National Indigenous Congress and now the Indigenous Government Council.

We have been strengthening ourselves to construct justice from below. The voice of our prisoners has been the most important in the struggle. Collectively, we have prioritized talking with the people and not with the corrupt agencies of the Mexican government. Our objective is not to supplant the pain caused by the sentences which were given to our compañera and compañero, because one thing is certain, not only are the sentences racist, but they are also appropriating the place and word of a struggle that began more than a decade ago.

Thus, we will continue walking with dignified rage. In our horizon we do not seek awards nor recognition, but freedom and justice for our compañer@s political prisoners and all of those of below in this world.

Our struggle and our life have a place, where one morning freedom and justice will flower in the words and hearts of the people.

Freedom to the political prisoners!

Never more a Mexico without us!

Movimiento por la Libertad de los Defensoras del Agua y de la Vida de San Pedro Tlanixco