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Mexico/ OKUPA CHE: Bail of 40,000 Pesos for the Comrades of OKUPA CHE

It gives us pleasure to inform you that all the comrades of OKUPA CHE are physically free. The bail is 40,000 pesos that has to be paid within 15 days for the comrades not to be re-incarcerated. Here is information from the comrades at Anarchist Black Cross Mexico:

Update of the Situation August 2, 2016

The solidarity lawyer has informed us that in the new few minutes the comrades will be released, as they were not charged in the necessary 48 hours that the MP has to charge them. However, this does not signify that the process is over, because within approximately 15 days they need to pay 40,000 pesos for “damages.” If this isn’t paid, the comrades we will re-incarcerated. In this regard, is it important that we continue to collect funds to pay this amount.

For more information write to

Poorly translated from the original here:

Update of the legal situation and well-being of the detained comrades of Okupa Che

August 1st 12:30 pm

Around midday on July 31st, 2016, our comrades who were in the vicinity of university city (UNAM) were violently detained by the UNAM security, after which they were brutally beaten by around 30 members of the university personal who were on avenue Insurgentes acting as security for the soccer game. They attacked our comrades and two youth who were observing the abuse, trying to film the acts. After which, they too were beaten and detained.

They were all taken to the Civic Court number 22 in Coyoacan where the two youth who attempted to film the incident were released after being offered apologies for the beating and the unjustified and arbitrary detention they had received. The five comrades, after being detained for approximately 5 hours without medical attention and out of contact, were taken to the hospital of Xoco where they were denied medical attention for a supposed lack of personal. They were then taken to the Balbuena hospital where after a medical evaluation it was decided they should be transferred to the emergency room of the hospital Rubén Leñero due to the severity of their injuries. One of the comrades had serious damage to his head and another had possible fractures to his ribs and a potential broken jaw. The hospital has refused to give information despite the gravity of the situation.

Right now, the case of our comrades was given to the PGR of Camarones in the delegation of Azcapotzalco, where around 9:30 last night only one of the comrades, who appeared uninjured, was brought before prosecutors. In the morning, three more of our comrades were brought before prosecutors, who had obvious injuries including one so severe that the comrade couldn’t walk. The situation has remained like this as of now. They have refused to let us see the comrades and have withheld any information over their legal situation, which up until this moment we do not know of what they have been charged. The authorities have simultaneously maintained constant communication with the University personal that since yesterday have been present in the PGR, showing off the beatings of our comrades, and making obvious the complicity between the federal authorities and UNAM, in this new act of repression of the comrades at OKUPA CHE.

There is nothing more to say about this constant repression that for many years has been exercised against the space, its occupants, and the people whom support it.

In the face of this, we only have to say, one more time, that we call on all collectives and affiliated comrades to act out their solidarity toward our imprisoned comrades of OKUPA CHE, as well as to be alert and share the legal situation and possibility of more aggression against our comrades or again OKUPA CHE more generally.

Solidarity is our weapon, against the walls of power!

Fire to the prisons!

They can’t stop us!

United Individuals and Collectives that Work in OKUPA CHE—Autonomous Space of Self-Organized Work

Poorly translated from the original here:


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