(P’urhépecha Territory, Michoacán) Communique from the Indigenous Community of Santa Fé de la Laguna


(This communique comes from the Indigenous community of Santa Fé de la Laguna, Michoacán. Alongside various other P’urhépecha communities in Michoacán, they refused to allow the installation of voting booths in their community for the election yesterday July 1st, demanding respect for their autonomous self-organization. The original communique was published by Ké Huelga Radio and can be found here).

Indigenous Community of Santa Fé de la Laguna, Municipality of Quiroga, Michoacán

This community has had enough!

To the Public
To the Indigenous Communities
To the EZLN
To the National Indigenous Congress
To the Communal Councils
To the Civil Organizations
To the Autonomous Communities
To the Sister Communities of Mexico and the World
To the Human Rights Defenders
To the Municipal, State and Federal Governments
To the National and International Media
To the People in General

Before the racist acts of the Mexican Government against our community, played out in the constitutional controversy imposed by the Municipal government of Quiroga, Michoacán, we decided in a general assembly of community members to not allow the installation of voting booths. This right is protected in Convention 169 of the International Labor Organization (OIT) of the Declaration of the Right of Indigenous Peoples in the United Nations and the San Andrés Accords. We repeat that it is the political parties that bring about those that poorly govern and divide our communities. Today, in rebellion, we demand respect for the autonomy of our communities and our free self-determination, alongside the Indigenous communities of Nurio, Cherán, Arantepakua, Sevina, Nahuatzén, Zopoco, Santa Fe de la Página, among others.

We demand:

1. The withdrawal on part of the municipality of Quiroga, Michoacán of the constitutional controversy, filed before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, regarding the approval of the direct budget.
2. The non-installation of the special ballot box with denomination 1661S1, located in the city of Quiroga, Michoacán.
3. The complete destruction of the ballots corresponding to our community before the Community Assembly of Santa Fé de Laguna.

For the free self-determination of the people.
Out with the political parties.
We demand the direct budget for all of the communities
No to the privatization of water.
Alive return of the political prisoners.
Revocation of all of the reforms of EPN.
Long Live Juchari Uinapekua

Indigenous Community of Santa Fé de la Laguna, Michoacán
June 30th, 2018