(P’urhépecha Territory, Michoacán) With bonfires, the Community of Nahuatzén Prepares to Impede the Installation of Voting Booths


Nahuatzén, Michoacán

Tonight, June 26th, 2018, inhabitants and members of the Indigenous Citizen Council of Nahuatzén, burnt bonfires in front of the Communal House as a means of security and as part of the strategic plan to impede the installation of voting booths for the election on July 1st.

“We are ready for what is coming”, said one person carrying out the guard tonight.

With joy, stories, coffee and bread, and the heat of the Nahuatzén bonfires, heart of the Purépecha plateau, night after night, day after day the community walks toward the consolidation of their self-government.

The warning signs burned in spite of the declarations of the Silvano Aureoles Conejo government to deploy a strong military and police operation throughout the state territory with the objective to guarantee the elections at the end of the week.