(Purépecha Territory, Michoacán, Mexico) Communique from the Purépecha Community of Nurio Regarding Recent Aggressions


(Editor’s note: This communique comes from the Indigenous Purépecha community of Nurio in the Mexican state of Michoacán. Nurio is one of the many communities in Michoacán that have organized forms of local community self-defense or community police to provide self-organized security in the face of extensive organized crime and state violence. This communique is testament to the complexity of these struggles of self-defense, as well as more generally to the complexities of Indigenous struggles for autonomy and in defense of their territory in Mexico.)

Purépecha community of Nurio

To the Public Opinion
To the National Indigenous Congress
To the Zapatista Army of National Liberation
To the National and International Free Media
To the Indigenous Communities of Mexico and the World
To the National and International Civil Society

We want to inform everyone that on June 16th, after having suffered an attack on May 22nd, 2018, the Indigenous community of Nurio again suffered the entrance of a delinquent group, who shot firearms against the community guard. Fortunately, this time, nobody was killed nor injured. Our community force was able to detain the delinquents and hand them over to the Public Ministry and the secretary of public security. The criminals had a gun, methamphetamine and presumably a stolen vehicle.

With these acts:

– We denounce the incapacity of the state and federal governments to maintain order in the region and country.
– We denounce the interference of criminal groups in our ancestral territory.
– We condemn these criminal practices in Purépecha territory that are foreign to our customs which have as their foundation kashumbecua (respect and virtue).
– We denounce capitalism as an economic system that has declared war on life. Part of this system is narco-trafficking and organized crime that causes the breakdown of our community life.
– We announce that our community will continue working to strengthen our security in compliance with our uses and customs, and in harmony with the state and national laws. We will seek coordination with the police command for the persecution of crimes and the search for a more peaceful life in the mark of justice.
– We call on all of the Purépecha communities of all of the P’horeri Echeri territory to coordinate cooperation between communities for the security of our people.
– We invite the media in general to a press conference that will take place in our community Monday, June 18th, 2018 at noon in Nurio, Michoacán to discuss the issues addressed in this communique.

Purépecha Community of Nurio
National Indigenous Congress
Never More a Mexico Without US

Translated from the original here: http://kehuelga.net/diario/spip.php?article5761&lang=es