Press Bulletin of the Victim’s Committee “For Truth and Justice June 19th”


To the social and worker organizations

To the movements and organizations defending human rights

To the people of Mexico and the world

One year after the massacre carried out against the people of Nochixtlán, Oaxaca and the Oaxacan teachers, the indolence, incapability and impunity with which the authorities of the three levels of government operate is evident.  This is evident in the lack of response to the killed and injured victims, of the crime committed against humanity on June 19th, 2016.  On the contrary, we have been revictimized with a lack of medical attention to the injured (120 of them were injured by firearms), who in many cases are at risk of losing the mobility of their arms, legs, etc.

During the massacre, there were hundreds injured, 8 killed, thousands of victims and extensive material damage.  However, up until now, those responsible have not been punished for the cruel massacre.  The federal government has rather implemented a policy of procrastination regarding access to justice and the public exposure of the truth.

Thus far, the Mexican state has not created the right conditions, in accordance with the established laws, so that as victims we can present our statements before the prosecutor’s office.  On the contrary, some 75 documents have been filed by the PGR, attempting to criminalize the victims.  They have carried out this strategy since day one, when they wanted to negate that the police had firearms, or when they negated the images and video that began to circulate documenting the massacre, etc.

Throughout the year, there have been recurring aggressions and harassment against the victims, attacking the life and physical being of members of COVIC.  One such example was on March 6th, 2017, when the life of professor Santiago Ambrocio was threatened.  He was beaten and compañeros and compañeras of COVIC have been permanently threatened.  In recent days, there have been attempts to impede the raising of the monument for the dead.  Furthermore, the encampment that has been maintained by members of the Section 22 of the SNTE-CNTE to guard the evidence has been constantly attacked.  We name local bosses and municipal authorities for these aggressions.

After living through all of this, we maintain clear that the massacre of June 19 constitutes a crime against humanity, committed by the Mexican State.  For that: we have begun a struggle so that the crime be treated as such, and that those responsible will be tried for genocide.  We also demand:

  1. Comprehensive attention to the health of the victims of June 19th.  Enough of the simulation of the CEAV regarding this theme!
  2. Stop the persecution and harassment of COVIC.  We name responsible the federal government, for the life and physical well-being of the members of COVIC
  3. Punishment to those responsible for the massacre of June 19th

Thus, on the first anniversary of the massacre of Nochixtlán, we fraternally call on all of the unions, organizations and people in general to participate in the days of global action for Nochixtlan.  To mark the week, we will carry out a cultural-political day in our community, beginning June 17th with human rights activities.  On June 18th, there will be a forum regarding the crimes against humanity, the third reunion of the Coordination of the Gathering of the Unity of the Mexican People and the presentation of the monument commemorating the injured.  We will close this series of actions with a grand mobilization and concert for justice and peace for June 19th in Nochixtlán.

We too make the widest call that to all parts of the country, according to your own conditions and capabilities, to carry out activities of mobilization in solidarity with the victims of the massacre of June 19th.

Neither Forgetfulness nor Oblivion.  For Truth and Justice!

End the Aggressions Against the Victims of Nochixtlán!

Presentation WIth Life of the 43!

Freedom to all of the Political Prisoners of the Country!


Victim’s Committee “For Truth and Justice June 19th”

Mexico City, June 5th, 2017

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