(Panamá) 10 Years: In Defense of Life and Amplifying the Word


10 Year Communique

Ten years have passed since a group of students of different departments and political groups of the University of Panamá made the decision to organize themselves into a collective project, denominated Resistencia Ecológica (Ecological Resistance).

In the mark of the national Indigenous and campesino mobilization against extractive projects, Wednesday, March 12 of 2008, they made themselves known, through an informative flyer, as Radio Temblor.  Which, described in glosses the different social-environmental conflicts in Panamá.  Distributed through emails and podcasts, technology has provided the opportunity to listen and download these on their blog: www.radiotemblor.org.

Due to growing national resistance, the work and commitments were more demanding of its active members and collaborators, for which they changed the same to Colectivo Voces Ecológicas (COVEC).  Converting themselves into a link in the Popular Panamanian movement and solidarity from people of the world.

Through solidarity with the people, the organization grew, promoting its action in defense of nature, the promotion of popular participation in the decisions regarding national questions, the demand for the fulfillment of human rights, the right to the media and social communication, and the expansion of another model of life outside of the logic of rapacious capitalism.

Lessons, achievements and challenges, are part of the nameless spirit that time and people recognize, fully aware of the harsh scenes, contemporary and antagonistic, of the poorly named model of development.  The model they have resisted and struggled against in contribution to future generations.

The commitment will always be with the people, with the environment, for the liberation of the people through their knowledge, the praxis of social principles, and the history of struggle of humanity for peace.  Beneath the base structure, independent, non-profit, autonomous, free and sovereign, along the pathways of struggle and justice….

Our thanks to those who have shared their lessons, collaborators and allies of the organization.  Thanks for the networks of coordination, ecological and popular organizations of Panamá and the world.  Thanks to the media, writers, investigators, radio workers, producers and reporters.

And in particular to the rural communities, in resistance and in transformation for a better future.

Infinite thanks!

Colectivo Voces Ecológicas (COVEC)

Translated from the original here: http://www.radiotemblor.org/?p=10898