Our Political Constitution is Expired: Communique of Las Abejas de Acteal


Our Political Constitution is Expired Because the President of the Republic Continues Making Reforms that don’t Benefit the Mexican People

To the social and political organizations

To those in defense of human rights

To the alternative media

To the national and international press

To the national and international civil society

To the council of good government

To the national indigenous congress (CNI)

To the public opinion

Brothers and Sisters,

Again the time has come, the day and the hour, to focus on this sacred land. Today 18 years and three months after the massacre in Acteal we celebrate the commemoration of the martyrs. Only for the love of the creator of the sky and earth, we return today to see each other with all physical, moral, and spiritual presence. It is not easy to forget the cruelest acts in the history of humanity. Although the time and hour has elapsed; the pain and the memory continue present. And each time that occurs a situation of injustice and of violence in any part of the world, we feel hurt, because we are all children of GOD.

A very clear and recent example is the death of compañera, social struggler, Berta Cáceres of Honduras, as a result of a cowardly attack in her residence on March 3, 2016, where compañero Gustavo Castro Soto was injured. It seems that to defend life, the people and nature is a crime. And those in charge of administering justice seem to better support and reward the great crimes against humanity, than to punish them. Our world is upside down, with the laws and the authorities protecting the criminals and prosecuting the citizens that struggle for justice.

Our political constitution is expired because the president of the republic continues making reforms that do not benefit the Mexican people. They only benefit the rich and foreign companies. And the Mexican people whose rights they violate only receive crumbs and repression.

Our previous constitution was well established; it reflected individual and social rights like the right of the campesinxs to the land, because that constitution was made with the sacrifice of our grandfathers that gave their lives and blood during the Mexican revolution. We are very sorry that the rulers never have in their hand the history of our country. They do not know the meaning of our national flag, or which rights are enshrined in our constitution. Those rulers have completely trampled and forgotten; they never take into account the people that gave their life for it.

All of those that rise up to defend and protest for their rights are met with the same response from the government: repression, assassination and imprisonment. A clear example of this is the young students of Ayotzinapa that were disappeared. The families of these young people have continued a year and a half demanding justice and for the return of their children alive, but the authorities do no want to heed the cry of the people.

Ultimately, the reason is that they will not judge and condemn their own actions; that is very clear, it is the same that occurred here in Acteal: they continue misrepresenting the facts of what happened December 22, 1997, because they themselves designed and planned the counterinsurgency, they financed and trained the paramilitaries. And also they dictated the freedom to the assassins although they already were sentenced and confessed to these cruel events in Acteal.

Perhaps the rulers do not think of the direction that leads to justice and the direction that our country takes. Today the people are tired and very desperate because there is no justice and because there is no peace in our country. We are an organization always proclaiming the truth and at the same time, denouncing the violent acts in our country because our mission and our commitment is to work in favor of peace. Love one another as the Pope has taught us, and thanks to the prophets that announced the truth and denounced all mortal sins that carry us to destruction.

Today we also thank the Indigenous Father Marcelo Pérez of the Tzotzil region committed to the struggle for life of the people of Simojovel threatened by much violence, by the trafficking of drugs, by alcoholism, prostitution, the trafficking of arms and of the buying of consciousness so that they abandon this dignified struggle.

We, as authentic bees of Acteal assume the struggle for life of the people that we all desire, not only in Simojovel but in many parts of the world, we stand in solidarity with all of those who suffer and struggle for another possible world.

Brothers and sister, we unite to carry out a peaceful struggle because violence does not bring life. We hope to march together until peace triumphs.

Justice for the case of Acteal

No more massacres in Chiapas and in Mexico

Stop the impunity in Chiapas and Mexico

No more privatization of natural resources

No more massacres and persecutions against the people

Justice in the case of Berta Cáceres

Lone life Resistance and Autonomy



The Voice of the Organization of Civil Society of Las Abejas

By the Directing Board:

Sebastián Pérez Vásquez

José Ramón Vásquez Entzin

Mariano Jiménez Gutiérrez

Vicente Sánchez Ordóñez

Juan Pérez Gómez


Poorly translated from the original here: http://acteal.blogspot.mx/2016/03/nuestra-constitucion-politica-esta.html



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