Otomí-ñatho Town Denounce Vote Buying for the Next Assembly to Change the Communal Authority


Otomí-ñatho Town Denounce Vote Buying for the Next Assembly to Change the Communal Authority

To the means of communication

To the Indigenous Peoples and the National Indigenous Congress (CNI)

To civil society, social organizations, and adherents of the sixth

Our indigenous Otomí-ñatho town elected communal authorities that will defend the people, the territory and the water this past December 7th of 2015. We did it in spite of the lack of support from the national human rights commission (who left the area without telling the inhabitants) and the irresponsible absence of the authority of the agrarian division of the state of Mexico.

This same authority intends to carry out a new assembly on Monday, January 18th in spite of our previously held election. We want to inform you that our Indigenous town and its members will attend the meeting; but only to confirm the commission of the town, elected to protect mother earth and our mountain.

We denounce that there are already people who want to buy the peoples consciousness in the next assembly.

Community members testified that people related to the formed PRI commissioners Luis Enrique Dorantes and the municipality of Lerma distributed two thousand pesos per community member for the assembly on January 18th, a payroll tax of the political parties and the municipal government.

For 15 years, with the implementation of the agricultural census, only a small number of people have made the decisions that before were taken by the entire community.

Since then, the communal authorities imposed different programs in our town without consulting the population. The worst of these examples is the highway Toluca-Naucalpan, awarded by Enrique Peña Nieto when he was governor to Grupo Higa de Armando Hinojosa Cantú. The construction already destroyed six hectares of trees in our territory that borders our brothers in Xochicuatla and Ayotuxco.

We also recently stopped the forest exploitation in the form of logging, a change in the use of the soil, and the potential municipilization of the community water system. In the same manner, we expelled more than 1000 riot police this past July 6th, 2014 that sought to support the former commissioner in his attempt to deprive our people of their assets in another rigged assembly.

We reiterate that Huizizilapan already chose its political form from the 12 communities that make up our territory. We will not permit the municipality of Lerma, Group Higa, nor the PRI to make decisions for our community.

We invite independent human rights institutions and independent means of communication to attend the meeting that will be held at the offices of Bienes Comunales of San Lorenzo Huitzizilapan on January 18th at 9 o’clock.

Defending and spreading information about this case is important, because our mountains provide the water and the air for those living in the cities of Mexico and Toluca.


Never more a Mexico without us!

Community members of San Lorenzo Huitzizilapan, Lerma, Mexico State


Poorly translated from the original here: http://www.radiozapote.org/pueblo-otomi-natho-denuncian-compra-de-voto-para-proxima-asamblea-de-cambio-de-organo-comunal/


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