(Oaxaca) San Juan Yucuita Demands Respect for the Decisions of its Community Assembly


Press Bulletin

March 15th, 2018

In virtue of C. Gildardo Rodríguez Ramos having repeatedly carried out acts that affect the legality, honesty, loyalty, impartiality and efficiency in which he performs his function, the people of San Juan Yucuita have disavowed him as municipal president, and formally solicited the congress of the state to revoke his command. In the few months that he has exercised his position as municipal president, C. Gildardo Rodríguez Ramos has abused the post and has not fulfilled the functions that correspond to him. He has refused the right to information and the basic services of the population, provoking division and inconformity between the citizens.

In San Juan Yucuita we are faced with a situation of ungovernability, due to the municipal government remaining divided and afterwards disintegrated, as a result of the actions committed by C. Gildardo Rodríguez Ramos. Before this situation, the people of Yucuita decided to peacefully occupy the facilities of the Presidency, the municipal entryway and other offices of the municipality, demanding the competent authorities revoke his position, based in their legal responsibilities for the crimes that he has committed, and demanding respect of the decision-making of the general assembly to name the new authority.

On September 17th, 2017, the General Community Assembly, maximum organ of authority of our community, confirmed the revocation of the municipal authority lead by C. GIldardo Rodríguez Ramos, and agreed to name, by the system of uses and customs, members of a new municipal authority, that represents with dignity the will of the people and the community interests. In a historic event in the community life of our people, on November 25th, through a commission of 7 ex-municipal presidents, the citizens of San Juan Yucuita passed the baton of command to the president and the municipal trustees, so as to exercise with dignity the position given by the people.

The actions of the ex-municipal president have continued to affect the life of our community.  In a very unfortunate manner, the party in honor of the Virgen de Guadalupe that is celebrated December 18th, was affected by the arrogance and power of a group of people who refused to open the doors of the temple. We thus were forced to have the celebrations in the atrium of the church. The religious aggression against the people of Yucuita has continued.  The Christmas celebration had to also be carried out in the front atrium of the church outside the temple.

However, the citizens of Yucuita have the firm conviction that the System of Uses and Customs (also known as Internal Normative System) historically has permitted us to have a form of community cohabitation through which we have been able to, as a community, resolve internal conflicts. This system of social, economic, political and cultural organization must be fulfilled, as its validity allows us to privilege the collective interests above the individual interests.  As such, the people, as is the case of Yucuita, have the right to exercise their political autonomy, gained from the revolution of 1910 and reflected in the Mexican Constitution. The system of Uses and Customs, exercised through the Community Assembly, is by law the maximum organ of municipal power.

Reunited in the General Community Assembly, the people of San Juan Yucuita decided to carry out actions to pressure the corresponding authorities to quickly resolve the revocation of command of the municipal administration lead by C. Gildardo Rodríguez Ramos.  We demand the Permanent Commission of Government, presided over by Herminio Cuevas, to attend to and resolve this situation.  In that commission they have lost the documentation that we have submitted, trying to impede the advance of our demands.  Eight months ago, the people of San Juan Yucuita disavowed the presiding authority Gildardo Rodríguez Ramos, for the acts of corruption and abuse of power committed against the people of Yucuita.

We also demand the cease of influence being carried out by the brother of the disavowed authority, the teacher Juan Rodríguez Ramos, known as “Juanito”, who is utilizing the position that he has in the Defender of Human Rights of the People of Oaxaca, to influence different political sectors connected to the resolution of the problem, to stop the case and favor his brother until he finishes his term.

We demand the State Congress revoke the command and we demand the General Secretary of Government the accreditation and recognition of the legitimate municipal authority of San Juan Yucuita, elected September 17th, 2017 in the General Community Assembly.

Respect to the General Community Assembly

Respect to the Uses and Customs of the Indigenous Peoples


San Juan Yucuita, Nochixtlán, Oaxaca

March 15th, 2018

Representative Committee of the Community of San Juan Yucuita