(Oaxaca) Communique From CODEDI Regarding the Armed Attack on Its Members


Today, February 12th, about a half hour ago around 10:30 at night, armed men attacked the van in which compañero Abraham Ramírez Vásquez was traveling, returning from a meeting with representatives of the state government in Oaxaca city toward the Sierra Sur.  Three young members of CODEDI were assassinated by the state.  At the moment their names are not being shared out of respect for their families.  The organization CODEDI holds responsible the state and federal government represented by Alejandro Murat and Peña Nieto for this attack that clearly seeks to generate instability in the state to sabotage their own electoral charade.  We call on all of the social organizations, free men and women to show their solidarity with CODEDI.  We will not be used to generate fear inside the ranks of the social movement of the people of Oaxaca.  We demand clarification of the acts and justice for the three young Mexicans of CODEDI what were assassinated by the same government that should be protecting them.  We call on all of the fraternal social organizations and people of Oaxaca, particularly the compañeros of Section 22 to accompany us in the call we will be making in the following hours.

Combative salute!

Committee for the Defense of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples


Santa María Hautulco, Oaxaca

February 12th, 2018