New Interference Attack on Ké Huelga Radio 102.9 FM (Mexico City, Mexico)

Editor's Note: This piece speaks to recent attacks on the signal of Ké Huelga Radio in Mexico City.

On October 1st, 2018, at around 1:30 in the afternoon, a new attack began against the signal of our beloved Ké Huelga Radio. This new aggression has consisted of an interference with our 102.9 frequency, covering our always rebellious radio signal with grupera music.

This is not the first time that Ké Huelga Radio has been the victim of these types of aggressions. On August 30th, 2018, we detected a signal interfering with our frequency with white noise. In 2015, a similar interference occurred. In both cases, we traced the origin of the interfering signal to be somewhere near the entrance to University City, around 3000 University Ave.

In our 18 years of existence, our radio has suffered many interferences and the recent use of grupera music against our signal has been recurrent. During the summer of 2012, an “anonymous” station that transmits esoteric messages and grupera music, along with Radio Josna, a radio connected to the PRI in the State of Mexico that transmits from Ciudad Nez, completely covered our signal 102.9 FM. In 2016, we detected interference by Radio La Movidita. Transmitting on 102.7, the close proximity to our signal caused interference with the Ké Huelga signal.

We call on everyone to expand the free radio signal, listening to us at 102.9 FM, listening to us on the internet at and spreading this statement by all means possible. Move your antennae and try to find us.

We also invite you all to continue sending letters in solidarity with Ké Huelga, which are being published at kehuelga,net/muralla. We call on everyone to share information about the location of the equipment that is interfering with our signal. Whatever information would be gladly received at the email address here:

Ké Huelga refers to the commitment born in 1999 of combating the media monopoly by all means and forms within our reach. We will not allow this interference to silence the voices of those that struggle against the capitalist monster and its servants.

Ké Huelga

102.9 FM

Free, social and against power

Mexico City

October 2018