(Mexico) Communique From the Popular Revolutionary Army: The 2018 Elections and the Continuity of the Bourgeois Regime


(Editor’s Note: This communique comes from the guerrilla armed struggle group, EPR, and was released just a couple days before the elections in Mexico on July 1st. The EPR has been active in Southern Mexico since the mid-1990’s. While we as a collective don’t necessarily share the more hierarchical and vanguardist politics of the organization, we do share their critique of bourgeois elections, and the necessity of alternative forces of political and social change. The original communique in Spanish can be found here).

To the People of Mexico
To the Peoples of the World
To the National and International Media
To the Non-Governmental Organizations of Human Rights Defenders
To the Popular and Revolutionary Organizations

Sisters, brothers, comrades!

The electoral process meant to relieve the administrative board of the bourgeoisie is in its final phase. The strident media blows of politicians of all political parties and the non-antagonistic contradictions between those aspiring for presidential power, work within the ploy of “democracy”, to move from diatribe to reconciliation. That is the farce and trap of bourgeois democracy. Beyond the nuances that are acquired every six years, its essence dwells in the legitimation of the regime and the dictatorship of capital.

From the oligarchic power, they have already established the mechanisms of restraint to safeguard their interests and perpetuate the dictatorship of capital. Another six year of re-oxygenation of the regime is taking place. Whoever is imposed in the position of political power will continue with the plans and programs that are demanded by the logic of capitalist development. Economic exploitation and political oppression will not be eradicated, but on the contrary, deepened. In the best of cases, the mechanisms of exploitation will be perfected.

The problem that causes economic and social inequality is not corruption. The cause is the relations of capitalist production. Corruption is inherent to this regime and as long as it continues, corruption will continue. It is false to think that the fight against corruption generates radical change. The exploitation and oppression of the people will never end within the framework of this capitalist republic, regardless of the form of the bourgeois democracy.

The social dissatisfaction and popular discontent are due to the rapacity of the ruling regime which for decades has tightened the chains of political oppression and economic exploitation. The real backdrop of the electoral process is the exasperation of the class struggle and the mediazation taking the consciousness of the people. The intention is to channel all political expression into the well-worn pathways of bourgeois democracy.

What true alternative solutions are being offered by the candidates that occupy the executive and legislative power, to the socio-economic problems that the people of Mexico face? In essence, none. All of the “proposals” that they have offered during the course of the political campaigns adhere to the dictates and necessities of capital. Not one political electoral force dared to challenge the capitalist regime and fight for the interests of the oppressed and exploited. Nobody is committed to stopping state terrorism and the violence that overwhelms the people, much less to prosecute the state criminals that have committed crimes against humanity. For example, the forced disappearances and detention of people for political reasons, extrajudicial killings and the multiple violations of human rights.

The historic transformation that the people demand will never come from the bourgeois institutions and the administrators of capital. The only guarantee for the exploited and oppressed is the will of the armed people.

As is the custom of bourgeois politics in Mexico, every six years you can confront the oligarchic groups in a bid to reach the top of the chain of command. However, at the end of each electoral contest, they reconcile and close the ranks to continue subjugating the people. And this electoral process is no exception. Beyond the personal and group diatribes, beyond the verbiage and fallacies express by the politicians, everything has already been outlined, giving continuity to the humiliating capitalist regime.

Sisters, brothers, comrades! People of Mexico! The entire scaffolding of bourgeois democracy is designed to legitimate the executioners of the people that every six years administer the interests of the oligarchy; to guarantee the continuity of the capitalist status quo, the inhuman regime that in its own nature generates poverty and misery, inequality and social injustice, the state violence and terrorism that flogs the people. That is why self-deception creates hope though the smoke-screens of bourgeois democracy.

The transformation of Mexico will not take place at the polls. The polls only legitimize the executioners of the people, guaranteeing impunity for the state criminals and enthroning the dictatorship of capital. The transformation that the country demands necessitates the destruction of bourgeois power and the construction of the political power of the people, where the working masses of the city and countryside develop their revolutionary potential.

In Mexico the revolution that the country demands will unfold in the streets by revolutionary means. Here is where the working masses will regain our rights that have been infringed upon and construct the future of Mexico. Not one more vote for bourgeois democracy! Not one more vote for the executioners of the people! Let’s strengthen the social revolution!




Year 54
Mexican Republic
June 28th, 2018