(Mexico City) Vecinos Unidos Zona Poniente- United Neighbors of the Western Zone Against the Intercity Train


The United Neighbors of the Western Zone is a non-political party neighborhood organization, in which participate inhabitants of the popular neighborhoods of the area of metro Observatorio and Río Tacubaya, Delegation Álvaro Obregón, Mexico City.  Our organization arose in 2015 when the “change of route” was announced to the Intercity Train Mexico City-Toluca which is now to be built in the ravine of Río Tacubaya (Tacubaya River).

Since that year (2015), one of the concerns made clear by the United Neighbors of the Western Zone is that the passage of the Intercity Train would contribute to the savage urbanization in the ravines of the Western part of the city and in particular of the ravine of Río Tacubaya (Tacubaya River, where the megaproject is being built (the second most important of this sexennial, only after the new airport).  Now, we see with concern and outrage that our suspicions were not wrong, as in the media it was announced that the property of the military camp 1F is being sold to construct the mega development project (the most important in Latin America) in a country where the levels of social inequality are alarming.

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