Mexican Government Harasses Members of CODEDI in Juchitán


Today, September 14th, members of the organization CODEDI, who are in the Istmo de Tehuantepec helping with the removal of debris from houses destroyed by the earthquake on September 7th, were harassed and intimidated by elements of the Mexican army and the municipal police of Juchitán.

The acts occurred today at five in the afternoon when compañeros of CODEDI arrived to remove debris from a house destroyed in the ninth section of Juchitán.

There, elements of the Mexican army arrived in two trucks along with municipal police from Juchitán in a patrol car and six motorcycles. They arrived in front of the house where the compañeros were throwing the rubble, obstructing their work. When the compañeros began to take pictures of the elements of the army, the army approached them trying to intimidate them and stop them from taking pictures. The compañeros responded saying they were not doing anything bad and that they (the soldiers and police), in place of harassing the people in solidarity, should use their vehicles and forces to help the people of Juchitán. With this, the elements of the Mexican military and municipal police opted to retreat.

We denounce these acts, which seem to us very serious, not because of the harassment, as this is something that social organizations struggling against the corrupt government are used to. What is serious is that the harassment occurred while the people of Juchitán and all of the Istmo are suffering the consequences of the strongest earthquake in Mexico in the past century. Again, when the Mexican people rise up in support of their brothers and sisters that are suffering, the government of Peña Nieto, of Murat and of Gloria Sánchez fail to overcome their moral poverty, using state forces and resources not to help our brother Zapotecos of the Istmo, but to intimidate the organizations that are helping them. The politicians do this while giving speeches on television and in the media, boasting of their help that still has not arrived. As such, in spite of an earthquake we suffered and of the bad governments we have lived with for the last 500 years, the Oaxacan people never give up!

Long live the people of Oaxaca!

Solidarity with the people of the Istmo!

The education reform in Oaxaca is not welcome!

Voces Oaxaqueñas Construyendo Autonomía y Libertad (VOCAL)