Media From Below in the Eye of the Enemy


Media From Below in the Eye of the Enemy:

In recent months we’ve witnessed a systemic increase of hostilities and repression against free, autonomous, alternative, etc. press, against the journalists working from below consistent with the job of bringing truth and justice.

Take the case of Cesar Leon, activist and participant in the free media of Oaxaca, detained yesterday, the 20th of November by the Oaxacan police, or the break-in of the house of Gloria Muñoz Ramirez, director of the electronic newspaper Desinformemonos, and journalist engaged with popular struggles.

The aggressions have been ongoing against the media from below: the destruction of the cabin of Regeneración Radio and the threats of death to its members, the interruption of the radio signal of Radio KeHuela and the molestation of its activists, and the threats and intimidations of Agencia Autónoma Subversiones, are among a long list of attacks, threats, laws to restrict the liberty of the press and other social rights, as well as illegal break-ins which have affected many lives. Seeking at all times to intimidate the communication from below, stopping the flow of our dream of unmediated communication.

Police and punish is the slogan of capitalism and its strong arms, observe and share is the scream from below. Observe and share the pain and hope, observe and be part of what is dying and what is emerging, share the fraternity of the nobodies. The free media exists because there is in the communities and in the beings that inhabit them the desire to be free and free media will exist as long as there is oppression and rebellion—the words that are born from below in opposition to the futile shouting of those of above.

Health and Liberty!

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