(Mapuche Territory, Chile) Public Statement from Lov Lavkenche in Resistance “Do Not Cede Territory to the Enemy, Our Unity is Urgent, the Historical Struggle Has Made Us Freer”


Public Statement from Lov Lavkenche in Resistance:

Our people face a complex historical moment. This period of crisis also constitutes an opportunity: unity is more urgent than ever.

We face the preparation of a new cycle of colonial strategy, where the oppressive state seeks our retreat from the rights we’ve won through struggle. We will refer to two examples to justify this assertion: these two examples are our symbols, where we cannot give ground to the capitalist winka (outsider).

Kiñe: Machi Celestino Cordova has been condemned to 18 years in prison in an irregular judicial process, with contrasting evidence that does not coincide with the ballistics presented by the prosecution. However, the political-media machine of the state has managed to strategically maneuver itself to express its power and forcefulness, as well as to appease the Chilean business elite. Five years have already been served of his sentence and our Machi has solicited the essential spiritual demand of the change of his rewe. From a Chilean state hospital, he issued legal documents supporting his demand as part of “integral intercultural” treatment, permitting him to carry out this ceremony. From the healthcare network legitimized by the Chilean state, a health order was written up.

It was in this precise moment where a contradiction arose. Between the administration of the politics of the people and the real nature of the capitalist model: the business elite rule. In place of fulfilling the right of well-being and health of our Machi, symbols of racism and power were offered. The Machi resisted for more than 100 days in a hunger strike. The winka (outsider) government demanded that he end the hunger strike to establish a dialogue so as to be released to his rewe. After more than a month, the government still has not responded. Once again, they have not fulfilled their word.

Epu: The Peñi Tralcal are condemned also to a process filled with irregularities, acquittals, and torture denounced by the key witnesses. Furthermore, political pressure has been denounced publicly by one of the judges that was overseeing the case and an element of the case that we want to highlight for its danger in the future of our struggle: the circumstantial evidence. Two agents of the PDI declared that they heard the supposed witness José Peralino speak of the supposed participation of the Tralcal and of eight other brothers in the act.

This situation has no jurisdiction up until today and is tremendously dangerous as it would set a precedent that would permit whatever police, gendarme or state functionary to affirm that they heard such and such a person say that a Mapuche is guilty of whatever act. Based on this circumstantial evidence, the prosecution is seeking a life sentence of our Peñi.

All of this is happening beneath the media frame of terrorism spread by the Piñera administration. It is important to recognize that beneath the communication fervor, where it has tried to brand the acts of Mapuche resistance as terrorism, the Tempuc court will decide the Luschinger Mackay case. There exists two previous sentences where the terrorist nature of the act was dismissed. The political pressure is evident.

This current context shows clearly the intentions of the capitalist winka (outsider): to initiate an offensive where they are capable of eluding our rights, setting the conditions necessary to punish our people that struggle, to break down our authorities and damage Mapuche families. In summary, it is an attempt to weaken the Mapuche movement that has been able to curb materially and ideologically, for decades, the unhealthy process of corporate greed.

Meanwhile, the governments quietly signs monstrous free trade treaties with the grand imperialists of the world, turning their back to the people that inhabit this territory and selling the homeland to the highest bidder so they can stuff their mouths.

We want to share these elements for analysis today and to continue preparing ourselves as peoples for the struggles that will come. This government seeks to privatize seeds, communication, remedies, intellectual property and many other rights at levels never seen before. They want to drown our Wallmapu with hydroelectric power stations and dams and want to pollute our sea with salmon nets.

As Indigenous people in general, we are a nuisance to these plans considering that we do not see in the rivers, ocean, sky, mountains, forests, subsoil and animals, a natural resource to enrich ourselves. Rather, we see our Mapu, from which radiates all that we are as Mapuche, from the spiritual dimension to the material. We are willing to give our lives for all of this.

We call on all of the Mapuche communities and Lov in resistance, in the diverse pewenche, nagche, wenteche, williche, puelche territories. To the Pu Peñi Pu Lamuen Warriache in this cities that are essential to destabilizing the normalization of the economy. To the Mapuche students, intellectuals, artists, athletes. As well as to the Chilean people in solidarity and of other Indigenous communities that struggle for their rights, to defend their territory, to give a dignified life to their sons and daughters: Do not cede territory to the enemy, our unity is urgent, the historical struggle has made us freer.

This Thursday, May 31st, we will march from Nueva Imperial to Temuco for our Machi Celestino. At 8:30 we will gather in the hospital of Nueva Imperial and at noon we will be in the Plaza of Armas de Temuco.

June 11th is the verdict of the Peñi Tralcal. We strongly repudiate the set up. The Tralcal are innocent.

On June 9th, marks the one-year anniversary of the Weichave Luis Marileo and Patricio González.

Kume Newen, Kume Weichan. Territory and Autonomy.
Pu Lov Lavkenche in Resistance
May 28th, 2018

Translated from the original here: http://radiokurruf.org/2018/05/29/declaracion-publica-lov-lavkenche-en-resistencia-no-ceder-territorio-al-enemigo-nuestra-unidad-es-urgente-la-lucha-historicamente-nos-ha-hecho-mas-libres/