(Mapuche Territory, Chile) Communique from Mapuche Political Prisoner Celestino Córdova


(This communique comes from Mapuche Political Prisoner Celestino Córdova who is amidst a hunger strike demanding the free practice of his spirituality and a 48-hour release to renew his Rewe. The original communique was published by Radio Kürrüf and can be found here).

From the Prison in Temuco
IX Region of La Araucania:

I profoundly appreciate all the mobilizations that have been carried out in Wallmapu, on part of the different Mapuche and Indigenous communities. As well as the communities and individuals of our non-Mapuche sisters and brothers in all parts of the world.

Because of my situation, I am amidst a hunger strike that has lasted 102+ 31 days. I took a recess after the first 102 days because the current government of the Chilean State committed to resolve my situation guaranteeing my right to Mapuche health and the right to freedom of worship, as it is established in the Chilean political constitution. A commitment they didn’t fulfill.

It is very painful that beyond serving a sentence that does not correspond to me, the government can’t even guarantee my basic rights and fundamentals of being a human being—the right to life, to health and spirituality…

I thus make a broad and strong call for greater solidarity, concentration and conviction. I make this call for all of the spiritual and social force possible amongst all of the people of the world and of different spiritualities, as well as the national and international human rights organizations, observers and commissions.

To all of those in charge of Indigenous affairs in different subjects, such as Mapuche health, to speak out on the subject.

I also call for support of the hunger strike being carried out in solidarity with my cause, to the brothers and sisters supporting my demand for the exit to my Rewe for 48 hours. In the central house of the University of Chile and the taking of the CONADI in the south of our Ngulmapu.

Finally, I mention that if I must be sacrificed for the defense of our Mother Earth, natural environment and the rights of humanity, I will do it with much pride. It must be understood that if the exit to my Rewe is not granted, I will die slowly regardless.

Therefore, I prefer to die in struggle.

Humbly and with much affection to all my brothers and sisters of all of the peoples.

Machi Celestino Córdova
Kelluwayñ Ka Ynkawayñ