(Mapuche Territory, Argentina) Hunger Strike of Mapuche Political Prisoner Facundo Jones Haula: “His State of Health is Worrying”


(Editor’s Note: This short piece addresses the declining health of Mapuche Political Prisoner Facundo Jones Haula amidst his ongoing hunger strike in the prison in Esquel, Argentina)

The Mapuche leader, detained since June 27th, 2017, in the Unidad 14 of Esquel, has initiated a hunger strike that has already lasted 12 days. The strike seeks to demand the judge Gustavo Villanueva to allow Haula to celebrate the Mapuche New Year (Wiñoy Tripantu).

It is also meant to demand, “The end to the persecution against our Mapuche brothers Fausto Jones Haula, Lautaro Gonzales and the reversal of their arrest orders by the Ministry of Security led by Ms. Patricia Bullrich, just for being part of the most consistent sector of our people”.

The Mapuche community has expressed their concern for Haula’s state of health which in the last few days has seriously declined. He has already lost seven kilos, and as a means to sharpen the impact of the hunger strike, he has decided not to drink any more liquids.

Through a statement, the Mapuche community stated after a visit with the Machi, that the Lonko “was noticeably very weak, pale and worn-down looking”. Furthermore, they indicated that “he has some problems remembering things”.

They also stated that “the ceremony of the Wiñoy Tripantu is of fundamental importance for the improvement in his heath, particularly spiritual health”.

Translated from the original here: http://www.mapuexpress.org/?p=25171