Indigenous Zapatista Agrarian Movement Denounce Harassment Against Coordinator in Oaxaca Misael Velázquez Tadeo (Huajuapan de León, Mexico)

This communiqué comes from the Indigenous Zapatista Agrarian Movement (MAIZ) and denounces acts of intimidation carried out yesterday by military, federal and state police against the organization’s coordinator in Oaxaca. The original in Spanish was published on the National Indigenous Congress website and can be found here.

To the Media

To the National and International Public

To the Human Rights and Democratic Organizations

We, the Indigenous Zapatista Agrarian Movement (MAIZ), want to share that yesterday March 8th, around 8:30 in the evening in the city of Huajuapan de León, Oaxaca, an operative of military, federal and state police arrived at the house of our compañero Misael Velázquez Tadeo. Misael is the coordinator of our organization in the state of Oaxaca. He was not home at the time, but his wife and children were. His wife saw outside that there were police units observing the vehicle of her husband. She stepped outside to get a better glimpse of the patrol cars with plate numbers 12915, TLA 4692, MBE2W, and another that could she could not make out. At this time, Misael was able to communicate via telephone with a police official who did not identify himself. Misael asked what was the motive for their presence. The official responded that it was an operative and that they wanted documents for his vehicle and others pertaining to the organization.

Our comrade is characterized by his commitment to the Indigenous peoples of the region, working in defense of human rights and territory. These acts of intimidation against him and his family concern us. We demand a response from the federal government for these acts. We point out that our organization has been subject to aggressions including the disappearance of Sergio Rivera Hernández, compañero of the resistance against the hydroelectric project Coyolapa-Atzalana in the Sierra Negra of Puebla. We express our concern for the integrity of Misael and his family.

We denounce that these acts are aimed at criminalizing social protest and the struggle of the defenders of land and territory. Enough of this policy of harassment and intimidation against defenders of territory.

No to the National Guard!

No to the Militarization of Mexico!

Indigenous Zapatista Agrarian Movement