Letter from Mexican Anarchist Political Prisoner Luis Fernando Sotelo


(Editor’s Note: This letter comes from Mexican anarchist political prisoner Luis Fernando Sotelo. He is responding to the judge’s decision to deny the Amnesty Law be applied to his case. This is the same Amnesty Law that allowed for the release of another anarchist prisoner, Fernando Bárcenas, on June 11th).

Thursday June 14th, 2018

Hello, fraternal greetings to the compañeras and compañeros:

On Monday June 11th, a decision was made in relation my latest appeal. They denied my appeal, only to confirm the sentence ordered by the court: four years, eight months and four days of prison.

The next step is to review this decision because I am still considered guilty for the crimes of attacks on public peace and attacks on routes of transportation.

On Wednesday, June 13th, I submitted an appeal to the 32nd judge seeking the application, to my case, of the “law that extinguishes the punitive claims and the power to enforce punishment and security measures against all of those citizens…”. This law is better known as the Amnesty Law.

That same day, Judge Ubando López resolved the issue, denying the application of the law to my case and thus denying my freedom from prison. I am not surprised by the actions of the judge who at the end of the original trial sentenced me to 33 years in prison.

We have chosen (the lawyers and I) to denounce the persistent nonsense of the 32nd judge, both in his trial decision as well as his attempt to keep me in prison.

The arguments offered by Judge Ubando López to deny the application of the law to my case are:

1. Damages to the metrobus (although I’m not sentenced for damage to property and the Amnesty Law only excludes people condemned for a patrimonial crime).

2. I am not considered an arrestee during a protest, because it says in my declaration that I denied participation in any protest action.

This is important to highlight because it demonstrates the illegality of the criteria of the judge, given that he validated my declaration to deny me the benefit of amnesty but during the trial my declaration was rejected to sentence me as responsible.
Luis Fernando