Latest News Regarding the Case of Omar Campos, Political Prisoner of SLP, and a Letter from Our Compañero


Latest News Regarding the Case of Omar Campos, Political Prisoner of SLP, and a Letter from Our Compañero

Compañerxs, we want to inform you that in the last few days, Omar Campos Martínez (aka Alone) received a new formal arrest warrant in response to a filed injunction without taking into account that the Federal Judge had already issued an injunction to protect him. We consider that the first court of San Luis Potosí that is dealing with the case of our comrade, is acting in a biased manner, in that he is not considering the testimonies that confirm “Alone” was working the day and hour in which he supposedly committed the crime.

We leave you with a letter that Alone sent us from prison, and we hope for your support in diffusing it.

Hugs of solidarity!

Colectivo Guadalupe Gutiérrez-Héroes de Ocosingo and Graciela Mata


January 2017 San Luis Potosí SLP

To the Compañerxs

To Compañero Luis Fernando Sotelo Zambrano

To the Sixth

To the CNI

To the Network Against Repression

To the EZLN

To Civil Society

I hug you fraternally and salute you with my left fist held high.

After four months behind the walls of the repressive state and capitalist system, it is possible for me to take apart the way in which the state and bourgeoisie work in their penitentiaries. And I have felt that in practice, direction action is being carried out.

The state and bourgeoisie can liberate narcos, rapists, assassins, drug and human traffickers, kidnappers, and all those whom serve to justify state terrorism. In the prisons there is trafficking, there are bribes, and the classrooms are closed. The processes that obstruct or denounce the acts of corruption are hidden under the command of the public ministry and office lawyers.

In prison, the ungovernable of below carry out direct action and mutual aid. The practice of these acts strengthens and pleases us. It demolishes those walls that try to impose themselves upon us. Thanks to the compañerxs that without knowing us, without sharing latitudes or geographies with us, and without being family or friends, maintain firm that we are not alone. Neither forgiveness nor oblivion! Down with the prison walls!

Compañero Luis Fernando Sotelo Zambrano has the certainty that he is not alone, and that we are not forgotten.

Immediate freedom to Luis Fernando Sotelo Zambrano!

Freedom to the political prisoners!

Death to the state and long live anarchy!

Long live the Sixth, the EZLN, the CNI, the Network Against Repression, and the barricades!

Always ungovernable!

Omar Campos Martínez (aka Alone)

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