In Solidarity with the National Mobilization, the Liberation of Mother Earth Enters the Jagüito Estate (Cauca, Colombia)

This communiqué comes from the Indigenous Nasa peoples of northern Cauca, Colombia, who are engaged in the ongoing struggle to retake territory from agro-industrial corporations in the region. The communiqué addresses their recent entrance into the sugarcane estate of Jagüito, to show their solidarity with the national mobilization in Colombia. The original in Spanish was published by Proceso de Liberación de la Madre Tierra and can be found here.

To the peoples, processes, collectives, struggles, movements and other forms of organization that confront the capitalist monster throughout the world, we want to inform you that today, November 28th, to mark the national day of mobilization in Colombia, in the north of Cauca, the Liberation of Mother Earth entered into the Jagüito estate.

A group of land liberators from the freed areas of the north of Cauca advanced to the site planted with Incauca Corporation’s sugarcane and other sugar and agro fuel companies. There, we carried out a simple act of cutting down sugar cane. This was not the moment to plant food. That moment will arrive.

With this action, the Process of Liberation of Mother Earth from the north of Cauca joins the national day of mobilization. We specifically want to express our support, without ignoring the other causes, for the national student strike.

On days like this, we are always asked if we are mobilized as the Liberation of Mother Earth. We respond that soon we will mark four years of uninterrupted mobilization. Our entrance into the Jagüito estate today is our manner of mobilizing ourselves.

Nearly a month ago, the political, agro industrial, military, and paramilitary power in the region—beneath the name of agroindustry—sent us an appeal for surrender in exchange for one of the estates that we are in the process of liberating. This is an estate of 200 hectares, while there is a necessity for 277,000. Two hundred hectares for us to close our eyes to 330,000 of enslaved Uma Kiwe (Mother Earth) along with the thousands of more damages across the world. We do not accept the offer, as it is an attempt to divide and neutralize us. We have responded: we want all estates, without conditions. When the day comes for an agreement, the future of liberation cannot be compromised.

On November 12th, a few days after the offer of the estate, political, agro industrial, military, paramilitary power of the region—beneath the name of Black Eagles—sent us the decision that because we didn’t accept any offer, and since we did not want to leave within the 10 days that they had given us, they have declared an immediate military operation. Our response, since July 26th, is that this is our home to live in and to liberate.

As we have said in our previous communiqués and since the beginning, in freedom and joy with Uma Kiwe (Mother Earth), we have entered Jagüito because we have no other option at this moment in history. We are on the offensive. We keep the word that we will continue inviting others and gathering ourselves together. Adding strength to free Mother Earth together.

“For life, we risk our life. For all of the beings to exist, we risk our being.” Freedom and joy with Uma Kiwe (Mother Earth).

Process of Liberation of Mother Earth

Nasa People, North of Cauca, Colombia