In an Arbitrary and Violent Manner, Miguel Ángel Mancera Closes the Cultural Space La Karakola


Mexico. February 1, 2017

“Our space is in danger, we ask for your solidarity. Autonomy is possible,” said members of the social and cultural space La Karakola last September. La Karakola is a collective and sustainable project of civil society, in the neighborhood of Roma, in Mexico City. Today, February 1st, members denounced the closure of their space “in an arbitrary and violent manner” by the police of Miguel Mancer, governor of Mexico City. “We are a cultural and social space, a space of creation and art, a self-organized and collective space. We will be here outside searching for information and informing people of the situation,” they shared through social networks.

“Today, at 10am, a large number of riot police arrived, police from the delegation and civil protection. They opened the space by force and although they didn’t take anything, they put up a certification suspending activities. None of the public workers wanted to talk with us,” said members from la Karakola.

This is not the first time that the government of Mexico City has evicted a self-organized space. On November 22, the cultural space Chanti Ollin was evicted through a violent police operation, ordered by the government of Miguel Ángel Mandera. Chanti stated that riot police violently removed twenty-six members of the collective along with a three year old, evicting them from the space.

La Karakola is a space “…of social and cultural creation where diverse activities are carried out, from expositions, concerts, and film debates, to workshops and solidarity actions from diverse parts of civil society” indicate the social activists on their web page. “La Karakola is an alternative space for different artistic projects and for the promotion of tolerance, respect, and diversity. Above all, it is a space of active and constant organization against the war constantly stalking humanity,” agreed its members.

“We participated in the little Zapatista School and in CompARTE, with puppets and a little bit of music. We participate, alongside the Network Against Repression and For Solidarity, in campaigns for the freedom of prisoners.” These were just some of the activities members of la Karakola mentioned. The space also sells coffee from the Zapatista community, Roberto Barrios, Chiapas.

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