Freedom for Diego López Méndez, Indigenous Tzeltal Prisoner in Struggle (Chiapas)

This note comes from the working group, No Estamos Todxs. It speaks to the case of Indigenous prisoner in struggle, Diego López Méndez, who has spent more than six years in prison without a conviction. Today, February 12th, he has a hearing in which the judge will decide his fate. We ask that everyone remain attentive to the case. The original in Spanish was published by No Estamos Todxs and can be found here.

Compañeras and compañeros

It has been almost three months since we began the campaign for the freedom of compañero Diego López Méndez. He is an Indigenous Tzeltal, kidnapped by the state in CERSS No. 5 of San Cristóbal de las Casas. Our compañero Diego pertains to the organization “Solidarios de la Voz del Amate”, adherents of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle. After three months of this campaign, today, Tuesday February 12th, Diego faces his hearing with the judge who will dictate the sentence. We demand that this date not be delayed any longer, since our compañero has already been in prison for more than six years. We ask everyone for their support and solidarity to spread the word and be attentive to what happens today.

Diego, like so many other compañexs, was arbitrarily detained, tortured and afterwards imprisoned without any evidence other than the self-incrimination extracted through violence. After various years of imprisonment, we met Diego in the bowels of Amate, where he organized with other prisoners. At first the compañero was rather quiet, but as he walked forward, he raised his voice to defend his rights and demand freedom.

Since then, Diego and his family have suffered the devastating physical and psychological effects of the carceral system. The damage inflicted can never be repaired.

Thus, we demand the judge acquit Diego of the false charges of which he has been accused. We demand his freedom.

We will not stop raising our voices for all of the compañerxs that in Chiapas, Mexico and the rest of the world resist the carceral system, one of the multiple forms the state utilizes to repress and silence all of those that raise their voices against injustice, to repress and silence the poor, the Indigenous, the rebels and those of below.