For the Freedom of Political Prisoner Luis Fernando Sotelo (Mexico City, Mexico)


To those in Solidarity

Our compañero Luis Fernando Sotelo has been notified by the 4th Criminal Court that it has been decided to invalidate the decision made by judge Jesús Ubando López of the 32nd Criminal Court, from June 13th. There, Luis Fernando was negated the application of the Amnesty Law for prisoners arbitrarily detained during protests from December 1st, 2012 to December 1st, 2015. This applies to those accused of attacks on public peace. The court has asked for the reinstatement of the process.

Likewise, Luis Fernando was notified today that next Friday will be the hearing to again present arguments in his defense seeking the application of the amnesty law in his case.

It should be remembered that judge Jesús Ubando, who originally decided to negate the application of the Amnesty Law, is the same that dictated an absurd original sentence of 33 years and 10 months of prison, making clear his intention to negate the freedom of our compañero. We know that his detention is a political matter and therefore we cannot wait for justice in the courts. Freedom and justice will only be obtained through judicial-political struggle.

That is why we convoke compañeros, compañeras, collectives, and solidarity organizations to gather on Friday October 5th, at 10:30 am in the 32nd Criminal Court of the Southern Prison to accompany the hearing of our compañero and Los Otros Abogadoz.

The resources are exhausted and our compañero remains kidnapped by the state. We will not allow another day without Luis Fernando outside the prison walls.

Until we are all free!!

Let the rage unite!

Let the wind blow!

Let the storm intensify!

Campaign Freedom to Luis Fernando Sotelo