Federal Government Fails to Fulfill Agreements Made With Nochixtlán


Asunción Nochixtlán, Oaxaca; March 21, 2017

To the people of Oaxaca, Mexico, and the World
To the democratic educators
To the social organizations, collectives, unions and non-governmental organizations
To the people of Oaxaca

On March 21st, 2017, once again the fascist government of Enrique Peña Nieto, represented by the Special Commission of Attention to Victims, failed to fulfill the agreements reached on Mach 1st, 2017. These agreements were made with the Defender of Human Rights of the People of Oaxaca (DDHOP) based in Asunción Nochixtlán. There, we agreed as victims that the table of dialogue could not continue, because those that were represented on part of this department did not have the faculty to make decisions relevant to the case of June 19th.

We agreed March 21st that we would continue with the head of the CEAV and the head of victim care, leaving them the task of reimbursing the victims. These reimbursements were for the expenses related to necessary special doctors due to the lack of timely and quality attention in the public medical centers both in the state and the country.

On March 21st, the agreements were not fulfilled. The head of department of the victims’ funds, and those in charge of the National Institute of Rehabilitation, make it clear that these departments do not have the least intention to give us follow up medical care—a right that all people have. Again, they commit another clear violation of the right to health.

We as victims, due to the lack of fulfillment by the departments, reiterate the federal, state and municipal governments are responsible for the events against our comrade Felipe Motesinos on March 19th at 11pm. That day, in his house at Abraham Castellano Number 21, Barrio las Flores, he was shot at by people that passed in a suburban with license plates covered. We also name them responsible for whatever other physical and psychological aggression that that the victims of June 19th experience.

We will not allow them to continue deceiving us with promises. For nine months they have been occupying all the meetings to take photos and leaving before the media can inquire about the case of June 19th. As the committee of victims of June 19th, we are committed to struggle with the dispossessed classes—campesinos, fieldworkers, indigenous people, workers in general, housewives, teachers, and people in general—with the intention to transform this society for another society, where the current situation we suffer is changed, and where justice is achieved for all of the fallen comrades in different social movements.

We thus ask you all to remain attentive to the mobilization that we will carry out in the following days, with the objective of getting medical attention to our comrades that still remain in critical condition. These actions will be based on the lack of compliance by the different departments of the federal and state government, and to tell this fascist Enrique Peña Nieto that we will not take a step back in our demand. We want to say that the law is on our side and that neither by harassment nor persecution will we give up our demand of what belongs to us, punishment to those responsible for the crimes perpetrated against humanity in Nochixtlán by the Federal, State, and Municipal government and the clarification of truth to the events of June 19th.

The Committee of Victims (COVIC) calls on all of the popular forces of neighborhoods, municipalities, zones; social organizations, unions, and people in general, to join in each one of the activities that we organize on part of this historic struggle, so that our fallen and injured comrades, and the people of Nochixtlán, reach justice. Furthermore, we invite you all to tune into and make use of the community cultural radio of the people, the Combative FM 91.7 and online at the page http://espora.org.8000/combativa.mp3. This project is created by the people and for the people.

June 19th, Neither forgiveness nor oblivion,
Freedom to the political prisoners of the state and of the country
Punishment to the guilty
Appearance with life of the 43 Normalistas of Ayotzinapa

Committee of Victims of June 19th for Justice and Truth

Gobierno federal incumple acuerdos con Nochixtlán


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