Eviction of the Encampment of Av. Aztecas #215 to Construct Real Estate Property Above Spring


Urgent Diffusion, Hundreds of Riot Copts Evict Encampment in Defense of Water in Av. Aztecas #215:

Solidarity is Required!

At Approximately 3:45am on Monday, December 5th, 300 riot cops timidly entered the encampment that was installed by neighbors and organizations of different areas of the Pedegrales of Coyoacán since April 29th of this year. They took tables, tarps, and other belongings that had served to forge collective action and denounce the real estate project, “quiero casa”. This project, under the complicity of the government of Mexico City, has invaded a property that holds a very important aquifer for that part of the city. Neighbors report that hundreds of trees have been removed and the company in charge of this ecocide has received the green light from la Procuraduría Ambiental y del Ordenamiento Territorial (PAOT), El Sistema de Agua de la Ciudad de Mexico (SACMEX) and la Secretaría de Gobierno (SEGOB). On November 25th, they approved “Proyecto Cantera” as means of mitigation, that includes the concrete belt and a water treatment plant—water that was already being used by the neighbors and two other wells: Xotepingo and Loreto Peña Pobre. However, the water purification plant will be considered for two years, after that time, the exploitation will remain in the hands of the company.

At dawn, workers began to remove machines from the land to make room for the construction workers of the project. At that point, dozens of residents and people in solidarity arrived. They blocked the pathway of the machines and solicited the urgent presence of other organizations and people to stop the aggressions and arbitrary detentions on part of the uniformed SSP. Already, various neighbors and media peoples were beaten for documenting the functioning of the machines.

The demands of the encampment in charge of the Asamblea General de los Pueblos, Barrios, Colonias y Pedegrales de Coyoacán, are the definite protection of the land to generate a communal and popular ecological project. Scientists and specialists of UNAM already have confirmed that the damage to this aquifer is permanent, wasting dozes of thousands of liters of water that lies stagnate on the property.

We invite you to know more about the events that occur, as well as the activities to strengthen this movement in the following page: https://www.facebook.com/Asamblea-General-de-los-Pueblos-Barrios-Colonias-y-Pedregales-de-Coyoac%C3%A1n-1580258772267776/?fref=ts

Translated from the original here: http://rupturacolectiva.com/desalojan-planton-de-av-aztecas-215-para-construir-inmobiliaria-sobre-un-manantial/


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