Eviction of the Cultural Barricade in Defense of Chanti Ollin: Police Enter the Building Through the Windows


February 7th, 2017, Mexico City.

In the early morning of today, February 7th, at 12:15 am, members of the Chanti Ollin community transmitted live the beginning of the eviction of the barricade installed outside the occupied building by a police operation of nearly 200 riot police. Some of the police entered the building from the balconies to complete the eviction. Public cleaners of the GDF arrived in a truck to remove materials that had been utilized in the “cultural barricade” in defense of the space.

Translated from the original here: http://rupturacolectiva.com/desalojan-planton-en-defensa-del-chanti-ollin-policias-ingresan-al-edificio-por-las-ventanas/


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