Denunciation by the KRUZ Space, Community of San Juan Chialateca in the valle of Ocotlán, Oaxaca



Denunciation by the KRUZ Space, Community of San Juan Chialateca in the valle of Ocotlán, Oaxaca

To the media

To the organizations that defend human rights

To the compañerxs in defense of the land and territory

To the compañerxs of the network against repression

To the compañerxs, adherents of the sixth declaration of the Lancandon jungle

To the people in general

We are the space KRUZ and we are centered in the community of San Juan Chilateca in the valley of Ocotlán to the south of the city of Oaxaca. We are a space of coordination between organizations, activists, and communities that work around various struggles like: the defense and protection of the environment, human rights, gender equality, cultural survival, and the defense of the earth and territory.

Through this activity, we learned that on the hill of Yahuín, the only hill in the community, is the site of various minerals, principally gold and silver. We have seen that for a couple years a series of projects have been initiated on the hills slopes and the roads that arrive to the hill like the pavement and the expansion of roads, electrification and the expansion of electricity networks, the arrival of trucks with the logos of the mining company Cuzcatlán, and overflying helicopters.

The KRUZ space is located on one of the roads that makes its way to the hill and without consulting us or taking us into account, they initiated the paving of the road, as well as the expansion of what we had not agreed upon. We had opposed the project with various petitions in favor of the protection of the environment and in defense of human rights of the people of Oaxaca. The response of the municipal authority of the community was aggression, harassment, and threats, and also the initiation of criminal charges for assault.

Until today, there has not been a single favorable response by any institution, and last Monday we were notified by the municipal authority that if we do not remove the fence that marks our territory we will have the misfortune of having it removed by force.

Before the municipal authority has tried but this time it is different because now they have the support of the federal deputy of the district of Santa Lucía del Camino, Eva Florinda Cruz Molina, and the local representative elected by the district of Ocotlán-Zimatlán Eva Diego Cruz, both ex-PRIISTAS and current members of the PRD, mother and daughter respectively, operators of the mining company Foruna Silver Mines that is working the operation in San José del Progreso.

Besides the municipal president of San Juan Chilateca, professor Juan Guillermo Pacheco García, also has the support of Macario Otalo Padilla Velasco, state president of the Frente Popular Revolcionario FPR, previous municipal president of the community and uncle of the current, that in the community maintains an alliance with representatives already mentioned as co-governor of the community.

Because of this: we have called for a press conference, August 4th at 12:00 pm in the KRUZ space located in the street Azucenas of the community of San Juan Chilateca to give information over the situation and the mining project that they want to carry out in our community. Also, we want to denounce the intention of displacement and aggression in our community that puts in risk the integrity of all of our families.

No to the opening of a mine in our town!

No more projects of death in our territory!

The territory is and should be to those who work it!

The KRUZ space in defense of the earth, territory, and life!

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