Context of the Hunger Strike and Demands of Mapuche Political Prisoner Machi Celestino Córdova


What is a Rewe?
A pure place

Re: Pure, not mixed

We: Place

A place where Machi contact their spiritual energies, renew their force and wisdom, and neutralize spiritual energies causing sicknesses and ill-being.

What is a Machi?
It is an ancestral authority. It is the principal medical, religious and social figure, council and protector of the Mapuche people.

What is the Machi Celestino Córdova requesting?
The Machi Celestino requests the return to his rewe for 48 hours to carry out a ceremony of renewal of his rewe. Named Ngeikurewen, it is of vital importance, to the point where if it is not carried out, sicknesses and ill-being arise that affect the Machi, his family and Mapuche communities.

Celestono Córdova was imprisoned 5 years ago (of a sentence of 18 years) through an irregular judicial process with manufactured and hidden witnesses. It was a corrupt process by a state that privileges political and economic interests a model of CAPITLIST LIFE

The process of the request to return to his rewe has lasted more than two years without receiving any response on part of the government and gendarmerie. Due to the lack of response, the Machi has taken the radical action of a hunger strike that has already surpassed 100 days.

It is important to make clear that the Chilean state signed Convention 169 of the OIT with the United Nations committing to recognize and protect the social, cultural, religious and spiritual practices and values of the Indigenous peoples.

We demand respect for this convention!

We demand the 48 hour exit of the Machi to his rewe now!!!