Community Radio Totopo


Community Radio Totopo

To the indigenous peoples of Mexico and the world

To the national indigenous congress (CNI)

To the compañerxs in solidarity with autonomous struggles

To the community radios

To those who daily combat capital

On the morning of Monday, March 21, the people in rebellion of Juchitan were left without voice and words; the antenna and tower of the community Radio Totopo collapsed before our eyes caused by a break in one of the tensors that support the antenna. This had been cut at medium depth days before without our knowing.

We as indigenous Zapotecos that for more than 500 years have combated and resisted foreign attacks, in order to preserve our land and traditions have taken on the responsibility to do battle against the old enemy, capital.

Foreign capital that today is embodied in the wind corridor of Istmo de Tehuentepec, the corridor that intends to carry “clean energy” to the major industries, has only brought misery, dispossession, persecution, and destruction to the Itsmo region.

In the mark of this fight against capital, that now goes by the name of clean or green energies, indigenous brothers and sisters driven by the needs of the capitalist system itself, have served those foreigners to direct attacks against our Zapotec brothers and sisters; suffering persecution, harassment, and attacks on our Radio Totopo facilities.

Our radio is a project that has expanded the struggle and voice of our Zapoteca, the voice that struggles against capitalist projects, just as it will do against the law of communication that intends to silence us.

But Radio Totopo also is a project that has taken a lot of effort, 10 years of resistance and constant work—communal work of everyone who is a part this project.

Because of this, today we write to you for solidarity with our cause, so that we can continue constructing through the community voice our pathway to autonomy our, pathway to another world without capital.

This is why, we ask for your solidarity, according to your capabilities and your hearts, through economic means, to support us to rise again the antennae and tower of Radio Totopo. The costs of repair have been estimated to be nearly 8000 MX, which with your support and the support of our communities we will be able to cover.

We leave our account number to those that can show their solidarity with us:

Skotiabank-no. Account: 08700558591 to the name of Jacinto Suarez Vicente

Number of interbank code: 044617087005585918

Or contact us at

Telephone in the station: 9711340240

ATT: Radio Comunitaria Totopo: alimentando la Resistencia y pueblo indigena binnizá


“The people in rebellion walk toward liberty; the submissive people march toward slavery”

  • Librado Rivera


Poorly translated from Radio Totopo’s facebook page:


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