Community of San Isidro Los Laureles Denounce Continued Threat of Eviction and the Action of White Guards


Community of San Isidro Los Laureles Denounce Continued Threat of Eviction and the Action of White Guards:

To the council of good government

To the adherents of the national and international sixth

To the nongovernmental organizations

To the international and national rights organizations

To the means of alternative communication

To the public opinion in Mexico and the World

On the 26th, we decided to recover our mother earth, land that our fathers and grandfathers lived on as laborers since 1940. We men, women, and children denounce the following:

At the moment we know that those who are claiming to be owners, Francisco Ruiz, Rodrigo Ruiz, Octovin Albores, are soliciting a possible eviction against us, we know that if the federal, state or municipal government doesn’t act, we remain intimidated because the supposed owners will will act on their own with white guards of Jesus Orantes Ruiz.

We fear the same violence and eviction that occurred in 1994, when we decided to recuperate the same land when the state intervened unleashing repression, violently evicting our comrades.

With this comunicado we want to inform all three levels of government—federal, state and municipal—the land from which we come from legitimately belongs to us, because like you know in all of history we are the poor campesinos and indigenous people who are exploited. We are humiliated when you seize something from us that isn’t yours.

We want to inform those that claim to be owners, those that said we pillaged your sugar crop, to talk with the inspector Ocxel Maza, the coordinator of the zone. We want to make it clear that we don’t want your sugar crop because we are in agreement that is isn’t ours. What we want is our holy land.

With this comunicado, we demand that the authorities take into account our decision to recover our lands.

We say to the public, the human rights organization, the National Indigenous Council, the alternative medias, the councils of good government, we will continue to keep them informed, in a timely manner, of everything that stands against our human rights and us.

Our decision is, and will be, to resist and defend what legitimately belongs to us, because it is with this struggle that we will fulfill our objective to benefit our indigenous families, to live, to work, and to support their families.

We hold responsible the three levels of government—federal, state and municipal—along with the owners Francisco Ruiz, Rodriguez Ruiz, Octovin Albores, and Jesús Orantes Ruiz for whatever happens to us, or against us.


Community of San Isidro Los Laureles municipio of Venstiano Carranza , Chiapas

Adherents of the sixth declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, Semilla Digna

A revolution who doesn’t act with dignity is not a revolutionary


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