Community of San Francisco, Semilla Digna, Advocates for the Defense of Their Territory


Community of San Francisco, Semilla Digna, Advocates for the Defense of Their Territory

Campesinos and Campesinas of San Francisco, Municipality of Teopisca, Chiapas, Mexico

January 10th, 2016

To the EZLN

To the National Indigenous Congress (CNI)

To the adherents of the sixth declaration of the Lacandona Jungle

To the alternative means of communication

To the defenders of human rights

To the national and international society

We are a group of men and women, adherents of the sixth declaration of the Lacandona Jungle. In 1995, we began our struggle as part of the other campaign, now we are part of Semilla Digna, a group formed by communities of the sixth of Chiapas, belonging to the National Indigenous Congress. Our struggle is for the defense of our land and territory.

We are campesinos who in 1995 began to legally manage, with the government of Chiapas, the land named “the disappointment,” approximately 170 hectares, property of Pedro Hernandez Espinoza. However the government never gave us a solution to our need for land. Much time passed and we saw that it was impossible for the government to address our request. We decided to occupy these lands because we have the legitimate right as indigenous peoples, and the right to free determination as stated by the ILO convention 169.

We spent 19 years defending these lands. We organized ourselves, both men and women, and after many years decided to formally work these lands. In 2012, we announced that these lands were ours for the reasons mentioned. On March 24th, 2014, we placed several signs to declare and demand our legitimate right. On July 19th, 2014, we declared ourselves in formal possession of the fraction of land, “the disappointment.”

On September 24, 2014 we declared as campesinos, that we could continue working once again. We the campesinos of the group of San Francisco had been looking for the means most friendly and peaceful to dialogue with Pedro Hernandez Espinoza, inviting him various times of which he never accepted. Now the animals have been left in a smaller space—the animals of Hernández Espinoza—and we give them five days to come out, because we sustain our word that we don’t want animals, we want the land.

We place responsibility on all three levels of government, so we can pass on some or our comrades, for not giving them priority to our demand of land as campesinos. Also we place responsibility on Pedro Hernández Espinoza of any physical damage that our comrades might suffer.


Organizing Group of Teopisca, Chiapas, Mexico

Adherents of the sixth declaration of the EZLN

Members of the Semilla Digna space of struggle

Member of the National Indigenous Congress

Never more a Mexico without us

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