Community Members Reject Military Base in Milpa Alta


Community Members Reject Military Base in Milpa Alta:

On the boundaries of the delegations of Xochimilco and Milpa Alta, a citizens movement of struggle and resistance has been born to oppose the imposition of urbanization projects in communal territories that will begin with the installation of a naval intelligence base and military warehouses to safeguard military equipment. The projects will bring violence and death, warned the members of the Committee in Defense of the Land of San Bartolomé Xicomulco.

From the entrance to the area, which forms part of the community of Villa Milpa Alta, we can sense the refusal of the new project by the people. The project was announced by presidential decree on October 8th without prior notice, although it is a community organized around their uses and customs, where the communal assembly is the maximum authority and decision-maker.

On doors and window, of half-completed construction projects or asbestos sheeted houses are signs that read, “no to the naval base”, “no to the entrance of the navy”, “Xicomulco will not be a barracks”. Today, January 16th, a protest was held to express discontent.

The community is not alone. The Communal Property of Milpa has also joined in the rejection. Composed of nine villages of demarcation, the organization warned that the military unit, which will be installed in the area of more than seven thousand square meters located at 324 May 5th Avenue, would pass within 500 meters of communal land, damaging important natural ecosystems and opening the doors for urban development of natural conservation land.

The community members assured that the naval base will not happen.

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