Communique from the Imprisoned Indigenous Organizing Group, the Voice of Indigenous Resistance (Chiapas, Mexico)

Members of the imprisoned Indigenous organizing group, the Voice of Indigenous Resistance, express their solidarity with the political prisoners of Tlanixco and the Yaqui tribe. The communiqué was edited with a heavy hand as its authors’ primary language is not Spanish. The original in Spanish was published by the working group “No estamos todxs” and can be found here.


To the Public

To the National and International Civil Society

To the National and International Media

To the National and International Sixth

To the Human Rights and Non-governmental Organizations

To the Network Against Repression and For Solidarity

To the Independent Organizations

To the People of Mexico and the World

Compañerxs, by means of this communiqué, we want to express our solidarity in demanding freedom and justice for our compañerxs of Tlanixco and the Yaqui tribe. The prisoners of Tlanixco have already spent more than ten years unjustly imprisoned for crimes fabricated by the bad government, for defending their water and supposedly killing a businessman. But the bad government always seeks someone on which to place blame.

Look at the case of Ayotzinapa, for example, where the ex-president Peña Nieto and the public prosecutor blamed innocent people for the 43 disappeared students, while they washed their hands and continue supporting the masterminds of the missing 43 students.

In the same way, the compañerxs were blamed for defending their water and their human rights. The bad government searches for people to pin blame on, and then incarcerates those innocent people. It is unjust. Enough already with so much injustice!

We demand immediate freedom for the compañerxs of Tlanixco and the Yaqui tribe. We demand that the government and the president of the republic free the compañerxs who are imprisoned as defenders of human rights of Tlanixco and the Yaqui tribe. For this reason we join the call to the three levels government to take up these cases and free the compañerxs.

Lastly, we invite all of the independent state, national and international organizations to join in demanding justice for the imprisoned compañerxs.

Uniting our voices and forces, the people of Mexico will achieve true justice.


Organization the Indigenous Voice of Resistance

Adherent of the Sixth Declaration of the Lancandon Jungle of the EZLN

Adrián Gómez Jiménez

Alfredo Gómez López

Juan de la Cruz Ruiz