Mapuche Political Prisoner, Álvaro Millalen, Denounces Harassment by Prison Officials (Wallmapu)

This communiqué comes from Mapuche political prisoner, Álvaro Millalen, and denounces harassment by prison officials as a response to the Mapuche mobilization inside the Temuco Prison after the killing of Camilo Catrillanca. The original in Spanish was published by Radio Kurruf.

I, Álvaro Millalen, Mapuche political prisoner in the Temuco prison, denounce harassment being carried out by personnel of the gendarmerie against me. The denunciation is in response the gendarmerie reporting me to the prosecutor’s office, initiating a case against me for supposedly threatening a gendarmerie official. This supposed act happened on November 15th, 2018, when, together with other Peñi, Mapuche political prisoners, we peacefully protested in the prison courtyard the death of our Peñi Camilo Catrillanca at the hands of the Jungla Command of the Chilean national police.

I categorically deny having threatened any gendarmerie official, as it was gendarmerie official that threatened me with racist insults that day, during the legitimate mobilization we were carrying out.

This accusation against me follows an ongoing strategy of harassment and persecution towards me and other Peñi that struggle with dignity for the defense of the rights of our nation.

This clumsy maneuver on part of the gendarmerie follows the systemic strategies of intimidation carried out against the Mapuche political prisoners that are incarcerated in the Temuco prison.

On the day of these events, I was notified that the gendarmerie would submit an accusation against me for “attempted aggression against prison officials.” Without any basis or truth to this crime, they have arbitrarily changed the accusation to “threats on an official.” With this they can initiate a case against me, and attempt to intimidate us for the mobilizations that we have carried out inside of the prison, including the current hunger strike of Peñi Facundo Jones Haula.

We communicate that nothing will break our morale and our spirit in this struggle for the territorial recuperation and defense of our political and cultural rights.

Rumel Newentuleaiñ.
Amulepe taiñ weichan.

Álvaro Millalen.

Mapuche Political Prisoners
February 15th, 2019