Communique: Platform of the Popular and Social Movement of Honduras


The self-assembled and self-organized people, struggling and resisting in the cities and other territories have said ENOUGH of the corruption, impunity, assassinations, ENOUGH of the oligarchical dictatorship led by Juan Hernández.  They have raised their flags of dignity and rebellion in the country.  

This dignified rebellion of our people has pushed back the repression in more than 200 mobilizations and road blockades at a national level.  Despite the bullets, tear gas, even assassinations and other aggressions, none of our rebellious actions have been defeated.  On the contrary, they have been strengthened as the days progress and today more people have joined the protests against tyranny.  

Before the worsening crisis and the contemporary context, we want to communicate to our people the following:

First: We demand the immediate renunciation of the tyrannical government and usurper of the popular will.

Second: We urge the immediate installation of a Provisional Government until January 27, 2018, made up of members of the popular movement and the democratic sectors of the country, when President Salvador Nasralla, legitimately elected by the people of Honduras, takes power.

Third: We reject the intentions of the United States, the Organization of American States, and of the national oligarchy to expand the conditions of internal crisis to favor a coup that annuls and represses the desire for the real and profound change that our country needs.

Fourth: We call on the people and organizations to continue sustaining the mobilizations, the roadblocks, the taking of neighborhoods, districts, towns, and ranches everywhere in the country.  Not to be deceived by the pretensions of some sectors that search to demobilize the struggle from the territories to reach miserable shares of power in a political and economic system that is crumbling to pieces.

Fifth: Each day that passes, the food crisis is exacerbated in the main cities, ranches, towns and our territories.  We call on the people and the organizations to create supply committees and to organize distribution while we sustain the resistance of the people everywhere in the country.  At the same time it is necessary to organize groups of defense and protection of human rights.  It is necessary to guarantee at the same time the physical security of the people, as well as the control and security of the districts and towns at the national level.


Only the people can save the people!

Down with the dictatorship!

December 4th, 2017

National Coordination

Platform of the Social and Popular Movement of Honduras


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