Communiqué from Mapuche Political Prisoners, José Tralcal Coche and Luis Tralcal Quidel (Valdivia, Chile)

This communiqué comes from the Mapuche political prisoners, José Tralcal Coche and Luis Tralcal Quidel, who are both serving an 18-year sentence in relation to the Lucksinger-Mackay case. They demand the fulfillment of the court ordered transfer to the prison of Temuco and the minimum requirements in prison to fulfill their cosmovision as Mapuche people. The original in Spanish was published by the folks at Radio Kurruf.

March 11th, 2019

We want to thank all of the Mapuche and non-Mapuche people for the support provided during the clandestine periods caused by this unfair political trial. We had been acquitted in the government of Michelle Bachelet and now criminalized again during the current government of the right, marked by racism and violence toward our people.

Thus, we declare and demand the following:

Kiñe: We reject this third contempt of court carried out by the gendarmerie, acting against the judicial resolutions that have ordered our transfer. We remain in the prison of Valdivia in spite of the court already having dictated our stay in the prison of Temuco.

Epu: We demand that they give us the minimal conditions that all imprisoned people should have, that all Mapuche political prisoners should have, while we await being returned to Temuco, such as: access to water, vegetables, fruits and different foods that aren’t allowed to enter the prison, for dignified health in accordance with our cosmovision. On this basis, we have submitted innumerable petitions to the command of the prison without any response to the breach of a minimum duty mandated by this very institution.

Kula: Thanks to the protests in support of our cause of the autonomous communities of all of Wallmapu. We reiterate the call to mobilize Wednesday to support our transfer to Temuco, and this March 20th for the vindication of our territories, demilitarization of our nation and justice for our Peñi and Lamngen assassinated by the Chilean state.

José Tralcal Coche and Luis Tralcal Quidel